Please note that the automatic reload feature for May monthly passes has been suspended as we continue to monitor the situation and need to continue rear door entry. A decision is expected by April 30th.

As such those who have signed up for the automatic reload feature do not need to deactivate it. You will not be charged, nor issued a May monthly pass as previously subscribed.

You will still be able to load a pass manually at a later date if need be.

We will continue to evaluate as the situation evolves. 

Sign up for automatic reload for future passes.

If you choose to turn off this feature permanently, please follow the following instructions:

Step 1 – log in to account

Step 2 – click on manage cards (found in left hand column)

Step 3 – select the card

Step 4 – select ‘show products’ button

Step 5 – select the card that has program type as reoccurring listed

Step 6 – select button ‘stop auto load program’

Step 7 – select confirm

Note:  if there is no ‘auto reload’ setting on your card(s), this indicates that the auto reload hasn’t been set.

Please contact us at if you have any questions.