London Transit continues to implement and recommend measures to keep our riders and Operators safe. As London begins to reopen, find below steps we are undertaking to maintain your safety as well as recommendations that you, our riders, can implement that will help keep you and fellow riders safe.


  • Cleaning Measures – Continued nightly cleaning and disinfecting of high-touch points on-board conventional and specialized buses.
  • Passenger Screening of COVID19 Symptoms – Riders with accessibility needs who board from the front door will be asked by the Operator if they have symptoms prior to boarding. In addition, all buses and LTC facilities have signs advising riders and visitors to not ride transit if sick.
  • Recommending Masks – Strongly encouraging passengers wear face coverings when taking transit, especially when physical distancing is not possible. We recognize that some people cannot wear masks, including children under the age of two, people with medical conditions or those unable to put on or take off a face covering.
  • Physical Distancing – Signage can be found on all buses encouraging physical distancing when possible.
  • Recommending Traveling Off-Peak – We encourage riders consider traveling during off-peak times from 9AM to 12 Noon and after 6PM when there are fewer passengers on board.
  • Lost & Found on Hold – As a precaution all lost and found items of lesser value are no longer collected. Items of value, however, are stored per our usual policy. For more details check our Lost & Found Policy.
  • Removal of Paper Schedules – We have removed all printed schedules from our locations. Find your route schedules online or through
  • Installation of Operator Barrier – Our entire fleet is expected to be equipped with Operator barriers by October with the installation beginning in mid-July.



  • Stay Home if you have Symptoms – If you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms, please stay home.
  • Wear a Mask – When possible, please wear face coverings (i.e. fabric masks, bandanas, scarves, etc.) on transit to protect you and those around you where physical distancing is a challenge.
  • Wash Hands – Wash hands frequently or use hand sanitizer.
  • Practice Good Hygiene – Sneeze or cough into elbow, and avoid touching your face.
  • Travel during Off-Peak Times – When possible consider travelling from 9AM to 12 Noon or after 6PM as routes experience fewer riders during this times and there are greater physical distancing opportunities.
  • Exercise Physical Distancing – Where possible on-board and at bus stops maintain a 6ft distance from other riders.
  • Exiting Rear Doors – Hover hands over the strips or use elbows to tap the handles to open the doors to exit.

Thank you for doing your part as we continue to do ours in keeping us riding safely together.