Mandatory Masks
The Middlesex-London Health Unit (MLHU) has issued Section 22 Class Order requiring that non-medical masks be worn while traveling on transit.  For full details on mask wearing visit the MLHU website.  This order is in effect as of Monday July 20th. London Transit drivers will not be enforcing the wearing of masks –  find out how the Middlesex London Health Unit will be addressing those who do not comply with the Section 22 Class Order.

Physical Distancing –  New Yellow Line
Also as of Monday July 20th physical distancing barriers (bungee cords) have been removed and replaced with a yellow line along the floor closer to the front of the bus to provide additional space for passengers while still ensuring appropriate distancing for bus operators. All passengers must remain behind the yellow line (see signage on-board the bus). 

In addition, to allow for proper distancing from the bus operator, a seat at the front of the bus may also be blocked off – please do not use this seat.

Passengers, with the exception of those with accessibility needs, are to continue to board and exit through the rear-door until further notice.

Thank you all for your cooperation.