Lost and Found

London Transit is not responsible for items lost on its vehicles or property.  It does however operate a lost and found service for both valuable items and items of lesser value.

Items of value are defined as:

  • Cash
  • Purses/wallets and contents
  • Cameras
  • Musical instruments
  • Jewellery (includes watches)
  • Electronic equipment (cell phones, computers, CD players, IPods).

All other items are considered items of lesser value.

Items of value are held for 14 days only.  Inquiries for these can be made at our main office at 450 Highbury Avenue North or by calling (519) 451-1340 ext 314.  London Transit will attempt to contact owners of “items of value” when applicable information is included within the item.

Items of lesser value are held for 7 days only and can be claimed by calling the information line at (519) 451-1347 or by visiting our downtown office at 150 Dundas Street.

Contact for all lost items must be made in person or by phone, i.e. inquiries made through email or online are not accepted.