Updated: Wednesday April 21, 2021

In response to questions and concerns raised about mask wearing on transit, please note that masks are mandatory on London Transit buses per the provincial O. Reg 364/20 requiring masks be worn in all public indoor settings.

There are those who are exempt from wearing a mask for visible and non-visible conditions. For full details on exemptions, recommended face coverings and how to properly wear a mask visit the Middlesex-London Health Unit website.

Here is how the Order applies to our riders and drivers:


  • Other than riders meeting the exemptions, masks are mandatory on transit.
  • Riders with exemptions  are not required to provide proof of exemption – no one will be denied service. Please be respectful and show kindness to those, passengers or bus Operators, who are unable to wear masks. 
  • If you are uncomfortable being in close proximity to someone who is not wearing a mask, when possible, you may wish to move to another seat for better distancing or consider travelling during off-peak times when physical distancing on transit is more possible.
  • Please wear a mask when waiting at bus stops when physical distancing as is recommended by the provincial government.


  • Should you encounter a driver outside of the closed barrier and not wearing a mask, we ask that you please contact our Customer Service Representatives with route details (i.e. route number, bus number, location, etc.). The matter will be reviewed and appropriate action will be taken. NOTE: Bus Operators may also meet MLHU’s exemptions and as such, may not wear a mask. 

Find additional information on measures London Transit has undertaken to ensure our riders safety as well as recommendations that you can implement that will keep you and fellow riders safe.

If you have further questions or concerns please contact Customer Service at 519-451-1347 or ltc@londontransit.ca.