Riding transit is a great way to get around our city, whether it is to commute to work, get to classes, go out for dinner or attend events. Here are some transit hacks that we recommend for a successful ride!

Transit Hack #1

Follow our Twitter account – @LTCLdnOnt to stay up to date on:

  • Detours and stop closures will all be posted and updated
  • Service interruptions, including train delays and short term detours
  • Select the notification bell on our profile to get notifications of transit news such as, new schedules and holiday schedules

Transit Hack #2

Like seasons, our schedules will change throughout the year to meet transit needs. Updates usually happen in the spring, summer, fall and winter.

  • Check the Routes & Schedules page from time to time for updates
  • Holiday Schedules are available for most holidays, on the regularly published timetables (see Holiday schedules)
  • The winter holiday season will have special schedules that will be available online in early December each year
  • Follow us on Twitter @LTCLdnOnt for all transit news

Transit Hack #3

Use realtime.londontransit.ca for accurate live arrival times for your route. Find out how to use real-time and ways to set up notifications for your stop.

  • Real-time is updated with location data every 30 seconds from the bus on the road
  • Check back closer to your departure time as the arrival times are predicted and can change as traffic congestion, street lights and frequency of stops requested can impact when the bus will arrive at your specific stop
  • We always recommend being at your stop five-minutes before your arrival time to mitigate affects on bus arrivals

Transit Hack #4

Plan ahead for your travel on transit to have a successful trip. Check out our route map to see how interconnected our system is.

  • Many of our routes have alternative options that may get you to your destination – for example Route 2 is very popular; however, Route 102 follows a similar route between Western and downtown
  • Plan your trip according to your travel preferences – fastest route, no transfers, shortest walking distance and more

Transit Hack #5

Detours happen and unfortunately will cause service interruptions, especially during construction season.