Do your part in staying safe on transit.

  • Stay Steady! Hold on when the bus is moving – not only in turns and during acceleration, a bus may need to stop abruptly for a number of reasons; avoid falling by holding on to a stanchion bar, even if you’re sitting.
  • Step carefully as floors may be slippery – especially in winter months or on rainy days, be sure to watch your step as you embark and walk on the bus as the floors may be slippery. Hold on to stanchion bars or the back of seats.
  • Look Up! Don’t walk and text – avoid tripping and falling by watching where you’re going. Likewise, be courteous and make sure you don’t obstruct anyone’s path.
  • Stay seated until the bus has stopped – after requesting a stop, remain seated until the bus comes to a full stop to avoid falling.
  • Keep windows closed for optimal air purification – the onboard air purification units clean 99% of airborne viruses. The system’s effectiveness is most optimal if the windows in the passenger compartment of the bus remain closed; as such, please keep windows closed.