London Transit fares have not been increased since 2020; however, the impacts of increased operating costs and budget constraints have resulted in the need for an increase of fares in all categories effective January 1, 2024. Find answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

The changes in fares may impact which fare works best for your riding habits. For example if you mostly ride during the week for work and rarely on the weekends a Weekday Pass or Stored Value (digital tickets) may be a better choice than a Citipass with unlimited trips.

Find the breakdown of how many trips you would have to make on a monthly pass to make it most beneficial versus using tickets or stored value (digital tickets) which include 90-mintue transfer time.

Fare Options Based on Monthly Usage

Adult (age 18-64) Senior (age 65+) Youth (age 13-17)
Citipass (unlimited) 43 trips 56 trips X
Weekday Pass (unlimited Mon- Fri) 36 trips 48 trips X
Income Related Pass* (unlimited) 28 trips 36 trips X
Youth Pass (unlimited) X X 34 trips

*Note that Income Related Passes are only available to those who have been approved through the City of London.

If using tickets is your most economical option, consider moving to a Stored Value Smart Card which works as digital tickets with 90-minute transfers automatically loading after payment.

Don’t forget that monthly passes are transferable so if you have a family member that travels at different times than you, you can share the same pass.

If you have questions regarding fare options and which is the best choice for you our Customer Service team is happy to assist you with options. The card is free and can be registered online in the event you were to lose it. Find out more about Smart Cards and Stored Value.