Route 56 Community Bus – May 2019

Currently, London Transit operates a Community Bus route through the Cherryhill, Proudfoot and Wonderland areas which provides direct service between the residential areas and various retail locations throughout the week.  This service has been highly successful and continues to grow.

London Transit has received a number of requests to provide a new community bus service in the Westmount area. Based on 2016 census data, this area has one of the largest low income seniors populations in the city.  Additionally, service changes in 2018 in this area have resulted in some areas having longer walks to access service.

The Transit Commission has implemented a community bus service in this area as part of the 2019 Service Plan Changes, operating one day a week (Wednesdays) from approximately 10 am until 2 pm.  The decision of what day to operate and times were proposed in the draft plan based on comments received from the public meetings and other forms of communication.