Fare Media Accommodation for Transgendered Individuals

London Transit’s passes require photo identification. In order to avoid this requirement becoming an issue for transgendered individuals who are London Transit pass riders, the following is now available:

  • Two photo identification cards, with the same identification number will be issued.
  • The pictures on both photo identification cards will match respective gender identity.
  • The individual will be responsible for presenting the appropriate photo identification card, with the monthly pass at the time of boarding.
  • The individual will be charged the standard fee for the issuance of a single photo identification card i.e. pays for only one of the two photo identification cards.
  • The individual is to make arrangements via the Manager of Service Administration for the taking of the two photos for the identification cards.

Approved April 2013

Acknowledged July 2015

Kelly S. Paleczny, General Manager 

Fare Media Accommodation for Transgendered Individuals