2024 Draft Service Plan

The Draft 2024 Service Plan was presented to the Commission at the November 29, 2023 meeting. The final changes are anticipated for implementation in September 2024.

The Draft 2024 Service Plan sets out the changes that are considered the highest priority, totaling approximately 30,200 hours on an annual basis and requiring seven additional peak period buses. Given the 2024 budget, as approved by the Commission and forwarded to City Council for consideration, includes the addition of 25,000 annualized hours and five expansion buses, further assessment will be completed to prioritize changes consistent with final budget allocations.

The 2024 Service Plan focusses primarily on addressing current crowding and schedule adherence issues versus expansion to new areas. 

Alternative Transit Options & Routing Modifications

Alternative Transit Options and Routing Modifications are proposed on Routes 17B, 20, 25 and 91, details of each are set out below.

Route 17B

The proposed routing change will extend Route 17B service further along Riverbend. As a newly developing area that is home to the West 5 neighborhood which has many different shops, offices, restaurants and condos, requests from residents have been received to extend service further into the area. With the bus servicing this new section, it is anticipated that there will be an increase in ridership along this portion of the route. Additionally, existing riders will be able to get closer to these new points of interests than what Route 17B currently provides.

Route 20

Route 20 is proposed to be modified to service the Oakcrossing neighbourhood during all operating periods.

Currently, the Oakcrossing neighborhood is not serviced after 9pm on Weekdays and not serviced at all on weekends. For riders who live in this area, it creates a large service gap. By providing service to the Oakcrossing neighborhood at all times, this not only benefits transit users in Oakcrossing, but all transit users who use Route 20 in the area as keeping the same routing at all times eliminates any confusion about where the bus will be going at any given time

Route 25

Route 25 is proposed to be extended into the Cedarhollow neighbourhood via Fanshawe Park Road, Cedarhollow Blvd and Kilarney Road.  In addition modifications are proposed to modify the route to operate along Highbury between Oxford and Huron.

Route 25 is currently experiencing overcrowding issues, with pronounced ridership demand originating from the Cedar Hollow Neighbourhood. Additionally, numerous contacts have requested service closer to Cedarhollow Blvd, a newly built-out neighbourhood road with a public school and seniors residence, each more than 1000 meters from the closest stop on Highbury. 

Route 25 also provides a direct connection to Masonville Mall, which is not currently present from Oxford and Highbury. Modifying Route 25 south of Huron would provide additional capacity along Highbury between Oxford and Huron, helping to offset some of the current crowding being experienced on Route 10 while also eliminating the need to transfer between Oxbury and Masonville.

Route 91

Route 91 is proposed to be extended to Argyle Mall via Oxford and Clarke Road.

Currently, Route 91 terminates at Fanshawe College, where as Route 17 continues on to Argyle Mall. Route 17 is the only way for Fanshawe students to get to Argyle Mall without having to transfer. As Argyle Mall is a common destination for students living near Fanshawe, there are crowding conditions being experienced on Route 17 between Fanshawe College and Arygle Mall. Having Route 91 mirror Route 17 for this section will help to alleviate these crowding concerns that have been raised by both Operators and passengers alike.


In addition to the proposed routing modifications, the 2024 Draft Service Plan also proposes increased frequency, improved reliability and extend span of service on the following routes


Description of Service Change



Weekday- Increase Early AM frequency from 30 minutes to 20 minutes between 6am – 7am


Increasing frequency in preparation for RT

Weekday- Increase peak period frequency from 20 minutes to 16 minutes between 7am – 9am and 2pm – 6pm


Increasing frequency in preparation for RT


Weekday- Increase round trip time all day to improve reliability of service on the route

Schedule Adherence

Saturday- Increase round trip time  between 8 am and 11 pm to improve reliability on the route

Schedule Adherence


Weekday- Introduce mid-day service between 11 am and 2:30 pm

Industrial Service Improvements

Weekday- Increase peak period frequency (6 am to 11 am and 2:30 pm to 7 pm) from 40 minutes to 20 minutes

Industrial Service Improvements


Sunday- Introduce service between 9 am and 12 pm on a 30 minute frequency

Service Span

Let us know your thoughts on the suggested service changes by completing the 2024 proposed service change survey.