The Draft 2024 Service Plan was presented to the Commission at the November 29, 2023 meeting.

The draft plan set out priority changes, totaling approximately 30,200 service hours on an annual basis. With the finalization of the City of London Multi-Year Budget, London Transit was allocated 18,000 annual service hours for each of the four years (2024-2028).

The prioritized service changes set out in the draft had to be further reviewed and refined in order to be within the allocated annual budget. Feedback from the public consultation (online surveys, emails and phone calls) were used to help inform the final recommended service changes for 2024.

While the improvements identified in the draft plan were all warranted, the limited service hour growth required that focus be placed on the areas of service where the most significant issues are being faced (i.e. crowding, schedule adherence). This approach is based on the principle of maximizing investment in areas that will address the most significant issues facing existing riders in an effort to mitigate ridership loss due to unreliable service.

The approved service plan changes are set out below and will be implemented effective September 1, 2024

Alternative Transit Options & Routing Modifications

Alternative Transit Options and Routing Modifications were approved on Routes 17B & 20

Route 17B

The approved routing change will extend Route 17B service further along Riverbend. As a newly developing area that is home to the West 5 neighborhood which has many different shops, offices, restaurants and condos, requests from residents have been received to extend service further into the area. With the bus servicing this new section, it is anticipated that there will be an increase in ridership along this portion of the route. Additionally, existing riders will be able to get closer to these new points of interests than what Route 17B currently provides.

The map displays the new routing for Route 17B which will follow Riverbend, Oxford to Commissioners.

Route 20

Route 20 will be modified to service the Oakcrossing neighbourhood during all operating periods.

Currently, the Oakcrossing neighborhood is not serviced after 9pm on Weekdays and not serviced at all on weekends. For riders who live in this area, it creates a large service gap. By providing service to the Oakcrossing neighborhood at all times, this not only benefits transit users in Oakcrossing, but all transit users who use Route 20 in the area as keeping the same routing at all times eliminates any confusion about where the bus will be going at any given time.

Using exisiting Route 20 along Beaverbrook. Sarnia, Oakcrossing Gate to Oakcrossing Road during all service periods. The area of Capulet Lane will continue to be serviced by Route 27.

In addition to the approved routing modifications, the 2024 Service Plan will also implement increased frequency and improved reliability on the following routes

 Routes Description of Service Change Rationale
5 Weekday- Increase frequency from 60 minutes to 30 minutes between 6pm and 12 am Elimination of 60 minute frequencies
10 Weekday- Increase Early AM frequency from 30 minutes to 20 minutes between 6am – 7am Overcrowding

Increasing frequency in preparation for RT

Weekday- Increase peak period frequency from 20 minutes to 16 minutes between 7am – 9am and 2pm – 6pm Overcrowding

Increasing frequency in preparation for RT

Sunday- Increase frequency from 60 minutes to 30 minutes between 6pm and 11pm Elimination of 60 minute frequencies
19 Weekday- Increase round trip time all day to improve reliability of service on the route Schedule Adherence
Saturday- Increase round trip time between 8 am and 11 pm to improve reliability on the route Schedule Adherence

If you have any questions regarding the approved service changes, please contact our Customer Service Representatives at 519-451-1347 or