Route 2 & 94 – September 1, 2019

Route 94 is a weekday peak only express route that will operate on the Route 2 corridor between Western University and Argyle Mall. The Route will operate at a 26 minute frequency from 7-10am and at a 23-minute frequency from 1-6 pm. Route 2’s frequency will be reduced from 10 minutes to 15 minutes between 7am and 10am and between 1pm and 6pm. The common corridor frequency will increase during both peak time periods

Express Stops will be located in the following locations:

Argyle Mall

Dundas at Second/Saskatoon

Dundas at Highbury

Dundas at Egerton

Dundas at Adelaide

Dundas at Wellington

Queens at Richmond

King at Clarence

King at Richmond

Riverside at Wharncliffe

Wharncliffe at Oxford

Western at Essex

Western at Sarnia

Huron at Lambton

Natural Sciences Centre