Communication #1 – Email from Cllr Lewis re Route 35 Changes

Communication #1

August 28, 2019

From: Lewis, Shawn
Sent: July 15, 2019 8:37 PM
To: Squire, Phil; Rooth, Sheryl; Paleczny, Kelly; Khan, Tariq; Helmer, Jesse; Park, Tanya
Cc: London Transit, Commission
Subject: Route 35 Changes

Hello LTC Board,

I’m writing on behalf of Ward 2 constituents who have been contacting me upset about the changes to Route 35 coming in September. In particular, the concern is with regard to the cancellation of early morning service. 

This is the only route that provides service to residents in the southeast section of the Argyle neighbourhood.

There are runs that are quite well used by secondary students to travel to Clarke Rd S.S. and JPII Secondary for school, many of whom purchased student passes earlier this year in good faith and used them regularly. By removing the option for these students to take transit to school, you are reducing your future ridership by showing these students transit is not reliable and convenient.

A number of Western and Fanshawe students who live at home with their parents have also contacted me upset that the LTC is removing their access to school. They’ve stayed home and chosen local schools for post-secondary education to avoid the cost of rentals and cars, and now are unsure how they will attend school in the fall.

And of course many families in Argyle are single car families, where family members rely on transit for work as well.

I recognize the importance of ensuring runs are economically viable, and understand the need to eliminate weekend hours.

I disagree with the reduction in weekday morning hours and respectfully request this decision be reviewed.

If members of the commission truly believe in creating a reliable transit culture in the City of London, this reduction is a step in the wrong direction.


Shawn Lewis

City Councillor, Ward 2

London ON