Communication #1 – June 5, 2020 – Recognition Award

Communication #1

June 5, 2020

London Transit Commission

RE: Recognition Award


As you may be aware, the first female operator in the London Transit Commission history, Diane Chenier recently passed away at the age of 77. She became an operator in 1976. In 2020, we now have over 60 female operators and our first female mechanic. Progress begins with one person willing to change minds and perceptions of ability in traditional roles.

Diane Chenier opened the doors for many women in the transit industry in London and I would like to see that contribution recognized by the Commission in a meaningful way. I propose that we have an award given to a female operator at the annual Recognition Ceremony for her sustained commitment and contribution to the transit industry. The operator could be nominated by her peers based on professional merit, being a leader, a role model and fostering development and mentorship for other female operators.

The Diane Chenier Trailblazer Award would be an annual recognition, beginning in May 2021.

Your consideration is greatly appreciated.


Sheryl Rooth