Communication #1 – Letter from Caroline Roy, Commission Secretary dated February 11, 2022 re Western Fair Association

February 11, 2022

Dear Commissioners,

Re: Western Fair Association – Commission Member

The London Transit Commission holds a membership with the Western Fair Association (WFA) and is required to appoint Commission members as representatives to sit on this association. As a point of interest, a member representative of the WFA is an individual who has been appointed by a Member Organization (LTC) to represent such Membership Organization in respect of Association matters.

Each Member Organization may appoint up to two (2) individuals to serve as its member representative. The appointed London Transit representative(s) would be entitled to put their name forth for consideration to serve on either the Board or Programming Council as well as various committees, and has/have voting privileges to elect the Governing Bodies at the Annual General Meeting.

With the departure of Tanya Park from the Commission, Sheryl Rooth is currently the only Commission representative and as such, at the February 23, 2022 meeting, we will be seeking another member to serve on the WFA until the end of this term (November 30, 2022).

Yours truly,

Caroline Roy, Commission Secretary