Communication #10 – Letter from Caroline Roy, Commission Secretary dated January 25, 2019 re Western Fair Association

January 25, 2019

Dear Commissioners,

Re: Western Fair Association – Commission Member

The London Transit Commission holds a membership with the Western Fair Association (WFA) and is required to appoint a Commission member as a representative to sit on this association. As a point of interest, a member representative of the WFA is an individual who has been appointed by a Member Organization (LTC) to represent such Membership Organization in respect of Association matters.

Each Member Organization may appoint up to two (2) individuals to serve as its member representative. The appointed London Transit representative(s) would be entitled to put their name forth for consideration to serve on either the Board or Programming Council as well as various committees, and has/have voting privileges to elect the Governing Bodies at the Annual General Meeting.

Find enclosed for your information the Western Fair District Program Criteria. Please note that we will be seeking for LTC’s representative(s) at the January 30, 2019 meeting for the duration of this Commission’s term (until November 30, 2022).

Yours truly,

Caroline Roy

Commission Secretary


WFD Membership Program Criteria

Member Organizations via their Representatives and individuals:

All voting members, excluding our Life Members are asked to adhere to the following

Expectations of Being an Active Member:

  • To attend at least two (2) meetings/membership events in two (2)
  • To attend at least two (2) WFD owned and operated shows in two (2)
  • AND/OR participate as a volunteer in a WFD owned event as organized through Volunteer Services coordinated by Beth
  • Representatives/individuals must be willing to serve on specific committees, provide expertise, ideas and suggestions, through committee work, attending Western Fair District events in order to provide feedback and perspective by way of assessments and surveys to enhance and advance the District’s
  • Representatives/individuals must be willing to respond to Member E-Surveys to help guide our event, agricultural, educational and recreational
  • All Membership applications (organization/individual) will be reviewed by the Governance & Membership Committee and for final approval by the Board of Governors.

Responsibilities & Obligations:

Member Organizations via their Representatives and Individuals shall…

  • Comply with WFA Code of Conduct
  • Actively share and positively promote all Western Fair District events and activities through communications to respective member organizations, promotional materials, word of mouth to family, friends, colleagues and
  • Attend Western Fair District events to gain a better understanding and appreciation of the event in order to provide perspective and
  • Attend Association key meetings such as Special Membership Meetings and Annual General
  • If selected to serve on a specific advisory committee, must attend meetings (1-3 annually) and actively participate in related Western Fair District event(s).
  • May seek election to the Governance of the Association and if elected shall serve on specific committees and provide valuable input, review and recommendations for the future development of the Association’s key events, activities and
  • Appreciate and be supportive of the Association’s position in the greater community and the goals and objectives of the

Member Benefits:


  • Direct association and connection with a high-profile community organization within the Southwestern Ontario region and a role in its continued growth and
  • WFA Membership ID Card which provides free admission to specific Western Fair District events/activities for the purpose of providing feedback and direction specific to the event/activity.
  • The opportunity to be considered as a candidate for election to the governance of the Association.
  • The opportunity to be considered as a member of various advisory committee(s).
  • The opportunity to help develop and review programming for new and existing Western Fair District events/activities.
  • The right to attend the Annual General Meeting and right to vote for candidates for the Association’s
  • Recognition of contribution to and engagement in the Association’s Membership Program.
  • Social networking opportunities with like-minded individuals who have common interests in providing opportunities to enhance community based events and activities that serves the Southwestern Ontario
  • Members may also wish to be involved in a separate “Volunteer Program” by participating in certain hands-on activities and tasks during events (greeters, coat-check, school tours )