Communication #2 – Email from Joe Henry – Dean of Students, dated January 21, 2019 re 2019 Service Plan – Route 1

Sent via email January 21, 2019

It has recently come to our attention that the London Transit System is proposing a change to Route 1. We am writing to you today on behalf of the thousands of students, faculty, and staff of King’s University College who will be impacted negatively by this proposed routing change.

As it stands now, King’s is served by LTC stops along Richmond Street and Huron Street. The closest stop for our community to access transit is at the corner of Huron and Waterloo. The proposed new route moves that stop a greater distance away from campus, further south and east of campus. The new plan also proposes fewer buses. We are in opposition to both of these changes.

We are asking for consultation on the impact of changes on the King’s community. Our students, in particular, purchase passes and rely on transit, largely during winter months. Having to walk further from campus to a proposed new stop is unreasonable.

We would like to bring to your attention the following points:

  • Over 50% of 3,500 King’s students, along with about 400 staff/faculty come from London and surrounding area and rely on local transportation
  • Any perceived or real reduction in service will have an impact and may result in less use of transit therefore creating more issues with use of cars/congestion in Old North
  • Reduction in service may also result in more cars parking in the area in Old North

We would like the commission to consider other options this time and we are committed to working together to create a better transit system for our community.

Joe Henry

Dean of Students