Communication #2 – March 12, 2018

Good afternoon Caroline,

I would like to put forth a topic for the Agenda for the next Paratransit meeting scheduled for Feb, 2018.
I would like to have the topic of video-survellance cameras on the Paratransit buses.
I had an incident a few months ago with a driver that put me in an unsafe environment on that bus.The matter was dealt with with a few different agencies involved.
The reason I would like to see them on those buses so that situations like mine can be monitored by the cameras.
It would also benefit the passengers that cannot advocate for themselves; provide safety for both the passengers and drivers incase of an accident, to provide safety for the drivers if an incident happens with a passenger.
As I understand, the conventional transit system has it too, so it should apply to Paratransit buses as well.
Yours truly,
Natalie Judges
Paratransit Advisory Committe Member