Communication #8 – Email from Erika McConnell, dated January 14, 2019 re Route 23

Sent via email on January 14, 2019

Subject: Reinstate LRT bus Route 23

I am writing today to request the return of bus route 23 for some of the following reasons:

I moved to London 2 yrs ago. I throughly researched the bus system and specifically bought a condo at the sw corner of wonderland and commissioners because two buses, 23 and 11 went downtown giving me two options to get downtown from one bus stop.

If I missed one, the other came a few minutes later.

The 23 was easy access to Springbank which for that reason I got a dr at Springbank medical, tiger store was super handy for shopping and my church as well that I attend meetings 3 to 5 times a week and my post office and variety store

To consider taking 2 buses for such a short distance it crazy waits of time

The 5 bus a or b is ridiculous – I think it’s every hour along Springbank.

I should mention I am on cpp disability and have no car and use the bus system a lot

Now I have to walk up from wonderland along Springbank or walk from where the 11 bus turns. In the winter the sidewalks are icy and it is often dangers to walk.

You put the 24 bus on but it does not go downtown it only goes to the hospital. That bus is almost always empty when it passes by. I have 0 reason to use that bus. I don’t like going downtown in winter because with one bus namely the 11 I often have to wait so long.

The route 15 does not help because I have to commit to waiting elsewhere for that bus which still gives me only a one bus option.

Also since this change the number 11 bus is so busy in rush hour it is standing room only which for my disability is a big problem I need to be able to sit down.

The removal of the 23 bus has essentially Interfered with my quality of life here in London. I often choose not to go somewhere because it’s just too hard to get there.

I hope and pray for the return of bus route 23.

Thank you,

Erika McConnell