Rapid Transit Construction- East London Link – Dundas between Egerton & McCormick

The East London Link is a multi-year project that will revitalize more than 6 km of road from Downtown to Fanshawe College. The project will add transportation and transit improvements above ground, while repairing and replacing aging sewers, watermains and other underground infrastructure.

Starting the week of March 18, 2024, construction is scheduled to begin on Dundas. The project limits extend between Egerton and McCormick Blvd and will be completed in phases. The work is scheduled to be completed by mid-December.


For the majority of the construction period, stop closures will be in place based on the phase of construction. This will impact Routes 2 and 94 (see table below for full details). Route 94 will only be impacted during Phases 1A and 1B with the closure of the stops at Dundas and Egerton

A short term detour is anticipated during phase 1B. More details will be posted when detour details are known.

Construction Phase Work Location Scheduled Timeframe Stop Closures
1A Egerton to Kellogg – North Side Mar 18 – May 21

Stop 561 – Dundas at Egerton WB

Stop 554 – Dundas at Dorinda WB

Stop 560 – Dundas at Egerton EB

Stop 583 – Dundas at Kellogg Lane EB

1B Egerton to Kellogg – South Side May 21 – August 7
2A Kellogg to McCormick – South side August 7 – October 9

Stop 554 – Dundas at Dorinda WB

Stop 2219 – Dundas at McCormick WB

Stop 562 – Dundas at Eleanor EB


2B Kellogg to McCormick – North side October 9 – December 13

Stay up to date on all construction impacts by visiting realtime.londontransit.ca. Updates to anticipated construction timelines and impacts to stops will also be updated on this web page as details are known.