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Detours & Related Stop Closures

Posted: September 27, 2023
Event Detour Truth and Reconciliation Walk- September 30, 2023
Posted: March 17, 2023 
Location:  Wellington Gateway Lane Restrictions – York to the Thames River
Effective:  Monday March 20, 2023 

Northbound – North on Wellington, right on South street, left on Colborne, left on York, right on Waterloo, right on Dufferin to regular route.  

Southbound – West on Dufferin, left on Waterloo, left on York, right on Colborne to regular route past Horton.  

Stop Closures:


Grey at Colborne WB

Grey at Waterloo WB

Wellington at Grey NB 

Wellington south of Horton NB 

Wellington at York NB 

Wellington north of Dundas NB 

Wellington at Dufferin NB 

Dufferin at Picton EB 


Dufferin at Waterloo WB

Dufferin east of Wellington NB 

Wellington at Queens SB 

Wellington at Dundas SB 

Wellington at York SB 

Horton at Wellington EB 

Horton at Colborne EB

Wellington at Grey SB

Wellington at South SB

Alternate Stops:


Colborne at Grey NB 

Colborne South of Horton SB

York at Colborne WB 

York at Waterloo WB 

Waterloo south of Dundas NB 

Waterloo at Queens NB 


Waterloo south of Dufferin SB 

Colborne south of Horton SB

Waterloo south of King SB

York at Waterloo EB


Stop Closures Only



#1938 – Wellington at Dundas SB

April 12th, 2022  – Until Further Notice

#1979 – Wellington at York NB 

April 12th, 2022  – Until Further Notice

#1980 – Wellington at York SB

April 12th, 2022  – Until Further Notice

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