Route 12 Stop Changes (Commissioners and South)

The following Route 12 stop changes are effective May 28th, 2018.

Stop Name Stop ID Stop Status
Commissioners at McGregor WB 469 Removed
Viscount & Tavistock Rd 2 SB 1887 Removed
Notre Dame at Ensign SB 1239 Removed
Wharncliffe at Belmont SB 2017 Removed
Wharncliffe at Glendale SB 2039 Removed
Wharncliffe at Castle Rock New Stop
Wonderland at Bradley NS NB New Stop
Wonderland at Bradley FS NB 2525 Relocated
Southdale at Wonderland EB 1713 Relocated
Southdale at Singleton NS EB New Stop
Southdale at Springmeadow EB New Stop
Notre Dame at Southdale NB 2591 Relocated
Commissioners at Highview EB 460 Removed