Route 13

Detours & Related Stop Closure

Posted: March 17, 2023
Location: Wellington Gateway Lane Restrictions – York to the Thames River
Effective: Monday March 20, 2023
Detour: Northbound – North on Wellington, left on Grand, right on Carfrae, continue onto Richmond to regular route past Queens.

Southbound – South on Richmond, continue onto Carfrae, left on Grand, right on Wellington to regular route.

Stop Closures: Northbound 

Wellington at Grand NB

Wellington at South NB

Wellington at Grey NB

Wellington south of Horton NB

Welling at York NB

Wellington north of Dundas NB

Queens at Clarence WB


King at Richmond EB

King west of Wellington EB

Wellington at York SB

Wellington at Horton SB

Wellington at Grey SB

Wellington at South SB

Alternate Stops: Northbound 

Wellington at McClary NB

Grand at High WB

84 Grand WB

Carfrae at Grand NB

Carfrae at Carfrae NB

Richmond at Simcoe NB

Richmond south of Horton NB

Richmond at King NB

Richmond North of Queens NB


Richmond at King SB

Richmond south of Horton SB

Richmond at Simcoe SB

Richmond at Grey SB

Carfrae at Carfrae SB

Carfrae at Woodland SB

Grand at High EB

Stop Closures Only

Updated: June 18, 2024
Stop Closure: Richmond at Grosvenor NB # 1476
Richmond at Grosvenor SB # 1477
Effective: First bus June 3 until approx. July
Alternate Stops: Richmond at Cheapside NB – #1464
Temporary stop – Richmond south of Grosvenor SB (approx. 70m south of the closed stop)

For up to date bus arrival information, visit or contact Customer Service if you have any questions regarding detours at 519-451-1347.