Route 16

Detours & Related Stop Closures

Updated: May 31, 2024
Project Details Fanshawe and Richmond Intersection Improvements- Full project details
Effective: Starting the week of March 4, 2024 until approx. end of August 2024
Stop Closures: Fanshawe west of North Centre EB – #704Fanshawe east of Richmond EB – #709Fanshawe west of North Centre WB – #705
Detour: North on Richmond, right on North Centre, left on Fanshawe to regular route
Alternate Stops: Fanshawe east of North Centre EB – #706Fanshawe at Jennifer 2 WB – #700Masonville Place Stop #6 – #1145

Stop Closures Only

Posted: July 22, 2024
Stop Closures: Adelaide at Lorne NB – #54Adelaide at Dundas NB – #27

Adelaide at Princess SB – #72

Adelaide at Dufferin SB – #2690

Adelaide at Queens SB – #73

Effective: Until further notice
Alternate Stops: Adelaide at Marshall NB (Temp stop)Adelaide at Dundas SB – #28
Updated: April 4, 2023
Stop Closure: Stop 22 – Adelaide at Central NB
Stop 23 – Adelaide at Central SBStop 57 – Adelaide at McMahen NB

Stop 69 – Adelaide at Pall Mall SB

Stop 76- Adelaide at Rosedale SB

 Effective  Immediately until further notice

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