Route 31 & 39 – Fanshawe Park West Stop Changes

The following stops will be added effective Wednesday August 8th, 2018 with the exception of one stop removal, see map below.

The following stops on Fanshawe Park Westbound will be added:

  • West of Wonderland in front of Sherwin-Williams Paint
  • Route 31 will now stop west of Aldersbrook in addition to Route 39
  • at new Medical Centre (1055 Fanshawe Park)

The following stops Eastbound will be added:

  • On Hyde Park south of Fanshawe Park (Scotiabank)
  • On Fanshawe Park east of Dalmagarry (in line with new townhouses)
  • On Fanshawe Park at Foxwood Ave (in line with multi-use path)

The Route 31 stop on Aldersbrook Gate between Aldersbrook Road and Fanshawe Park Road northbound will be removed.