Route 7

Detours & Related Stop Closures

Posted: June 13, 2022
Location: Wavell / Hale Construction
Effective: First Bus Monday June 13th until Further Notice  

Eastbound – Southbound on Highbury, left on Trafalgar, left on Clarke to regular route. Westbound – Southbound on Clarke, right on Trafalgar, right on Highbury to regular route.

Stop Closures:

Brydges at Hale EB – #305
Brydges at Highbury EB – #309
Brydges at Cornish EB – #2207
Wavell at Edmonton St EB – #1907
Wavell at Kiwanis Park Dr EB – #1910
Wavell East of Merlin Cr EB – #1912
Wavell at Vancouver St. EB – #1916
Wavell at Clarke WB – #1899
Wavell at Merlin Cr WB – #1913
Wavell at Edmonton St WB – #1908
Wavell at Winnipeg Blvd WB – #1918
Wavell at Saskatoon St WB – #1915
Wavell at Kiwanis Park Dr WB – #1911
Brydges at Graydon WB – #2208
Brydges at Hale WB – #306
Brydges at Highbury WB – #308

Posted: June 13, 2022
Location: Wavell Sewer Replacement Detour
Effective: First Bus Monday June 13th until end of service Friday September 23rd, 2022  
Detour: Eastbound – Argyle Mall parking lot, left on Clarke Rd Southbound to active Wavell / Hale construction detour.
Stop Closures:

Dundas east of Eastwood EB – #557
Dundas west of Wavell EB – #618
Wavell at Dundas SB – #1906
2040 Wavell SB – #1903
1990 Wavell SB – #1905
Wavell at Castle Dr WB – #1897

Posted: June 6, 2022
Location: Queens between Richmond and Talbot
Effective: First Bus Monday June 13th until Further Notice

Westbound – North on Wellington, left on Dufferin, left on Talbot, right on York, left on Wortley to Horton to regular route

Stop Closures:

Ridout north of York NB
King west of Talbot EB- #2736
King East of Richmond EB- #2735
King East of Clarence EB- #1080
Wellington north of York NB- #1980
Wellington south of Dundas NB- #1939
Queens at Clarence WB – #1442
Queens at Richmond WB – #2737
Queens at Talbot WB – #2738
Ridout at King SB – #1549
Ridout at York SB – #1558
York at Thames WB – #2171

Temporary Stop Locations

Dufferin west of Wellington WB
Dufferin east of Richmond WB
Dufferin east of Clarence WB
Talbot north of Dundas SB
Talbot north of York SB

York west of Talbot EB
York east of Richmond EB
York west of Wellington EB


For up to date bus arrival information, visit or contact Customer Service if you have any questions regarding detours at 519-451-1347.