Route 9 & 31- Aldersbrook Loop Stop Changes

The following stop changes in Gainesborough Meadows and Whitehills are effective November 22, 2018.

*Changes are not effective until Spring of 2019

**Updated November 21

Stop Name Stop ID Stop Status
Gainsborough at Limberlost EB 754 Removed**
Blackacres at Homestead WB 2045 Relocated 145m northwest, to the south side of Hawthorne Rd.*
Blackacres at Yardley Woods WB 273 Removed*
Blackacres at Windingwoods WB 271 Removed
Aldersbrook at Gablewood S Leg SB 125 Removed
Aldersbrook at Ranchwood S Leg SB 133 Removed
Aldersbrook at Gablewood NB 124 Removed
Blackacres at Winding Woods EB 270 Relocated 80m east, to the east side of the east leg of Winding Woods Cres.*
Blackacres at Yardley Woods EB 272 Relocated 65m south, to the north side of Hawthorne Rd.*
Blackacres at Homestead NS EB 264 Removed
Wonderland at Sarnia FS NB 2125 Relocated 205m southeast, to Sarnia east of Wonderland
Limberlost at Lawson NB 1126 Removed
Limberlost at Ardsley Rd NS 3 NB 1118 Relocated 85m north, to the north side of Ardsley Rd.*
Limberlost at Fairfax NB 1122 Removed
Limberlost at Fairfax SB 1123 Removed**
Limberlost at Lawson SB 1127 Removed
Sarnia at Wonderland WB 1649 Removed
Aldersbrook at Springett NB 138 Relocated 115m north, to the north side of Brandy Lane*
Aldersbrook at Springett SB 137 Relocated 110m north, to the north side of Brandy Lane*