Staff Report #1 – Commission Work Programs – 2023 (status) and 2024 (draft)

Staff Report #1

January 31, 2024

To All Commissioners

Re: Commission Work Programs – 2023 (status) and 2024 (draft)


The Commission APPROVE IN PRINCIPLE the direction of the Draft 2024 Work Program as set out in Enclosure I.


The Annual Work Program identifies the major activities/programs that require significant resource commitment and/or are considered critical to the development, growth and/or direction of London Transit as a business. The work program defines timelines and resources (both internal and external) for the various initiatives.

Enclosure II provides a final status of the 2023 Work Program. A number of items on the program were deferred or delayed as the result of resource issues. As indicated in the enclosure, these programs have been carried forward onto the 2023 Work Program.

The 2024 Draft Work Program (see Enclosure I) currently includes initiatives that are mandatory, ongoing in nature, or new as the result of decisions made in 2023. The development of the 2024-2027 Business Plan and supporting 5 Year Service Plans for conventional and specialized services will result in additional initiatives being added to the 2024 Draft Work Program. As indicated in Staff Report #2 dated November 29, 2023, the development of the 2024-2027 Business Plan will span the first 5 months of 2023, with a finalized plan being presented for Commission consideration at the June meeting.

The approval of the 2024-2027 operating and capital budgets will play a significant role in the outcomes and initiatives incorporated into the new Business Plan. Stakeholder consultation and data analysis are the primary focus for the first quarter, noting final budget approvals are not scheduled to occur until early March 2024. Should the growth business cases for conventional and/or specialized not be approved, or be reduced from what has been requested, the focus of the Business Plan will need to shift to one of realigning services to where there is the most demand versus the planned approach of continuous growth responding to demand.

The following provides an overview of the most significant projects included on the 2024 Draft Work Program both in terms of priority and resource requirements.

1.0 – Service Planning and Development

As indicated earlier in this report, the final approved 2024-2027 operating and capital budget programs will have a significant impact on the nature and extent of the service planning and development that will be undertaken over the next four year period. Regardless of the final budget outcome, the service planning process is imperative in order to continue to ensure that the resources available are being utilized to address the highest demand. Specific to the 2024 Service Plans, stakeholder consultation has been completed and the feedback is being assessed. The final 2024 Service Plans are anticipated to be tabled for Commission consideration at the March 27, 2024 meeting and will be adjusted to match the level of growth that is ultimately approved by Municipal Council.

Strategic Outcome LTC Resource Requirements Priority for 2024
Integrated, Affordable Mobility Moderate High

2.3 and 2.4 – 5 Year Service Plans – Conventional and Specialized Services

As part of the 2024-2027 Business Plan development, 5 Year Service Plans are being developed for the conventional and specialized services. In addition to the Voice of the Customer survey results and ridership data analysis, further stakeholder consultation is being planned for the first quarter of 2024 in order to ensure that a broad range of feedback is considered, including that from non-riders. The development and finalization of these plans will ensure they are tied to the approved growth budgets for each year and that the resources available continue to address the areas of greatest demand.

Strategic Outcome LTC Resource Requirements Priority for 2024
Integrated, Affordable Mobility Moderate High

6.9 – Recruitment to Re-establish Complement

The shortfall in Bus Operator complement was addressed through continuous on-boarding throughout 2023, however shortfalls in the Mechanic complement continue to be an issue. This shortfall will require continued and priority attention in 2024 as continuing to meet bus requirements on a daily basis will not be sustainable unless the resource shortfalls are addressed.

Strategic Outcome LTC Resource Requirements Priority for 2024
Engaged, Diverse, Respectful


Moderate High

8.1 – 2024-2027 Business Plan Development

This initiative is imperative in order to ensure the Commission is moving in a direction that is supported by the required operating and capital budgets as well as being consistent with the initiatives relating to public transit in the City of London Strategic Plan. Further details with respect to this initiative are set out in Staff Report #2 dated November 29, 2023.

Strategic Outcome LTC Resource Requirements Priority for 2024
Engaged, Diverse, Respectful


High High

12.9 – Replacement of Specialized Service Scheduling Software

As set out in Enclosure II, a review of the Specialized Service scheduling software was undertaken in 2023 which resulted in the determination that the software needs to be replaced with a system that provides the following features:

  • Customer portal that allows for online trip management including trip booking and cancellation.
  • Real-time arrival information available to customers via customer portal, text/email notification.
  • Ability to ensure equal access in trip booking between customers utilizing online booking with those utilizing telephone.
  • Customizable parameters for trip scheduling that align with London Transit service targets (length of time on vehicle, schedule adherence, etc.).
  • Detailed reporting of key service metrics (same day bookings, split between demand and subscription bookings, non-accommodated by time of day, etc.).

The selection and implementation of replacement software is included on the 2024 Work Program noting it is anticipated this initiative can be completed in 2024.

Strategic Outcome LTC Resource Requirements Priority for 2024
Fiscal Accountability High High

12.10 – Zero Emission Bus Implementation Strategy

This initiative follows the Commission’s direction to undertake the development of an implementation plan for the conversion of the London Transit conventional transit service fleet, including timing, costs and charging infrastructure requirements and related impacts on LTC facilities. The initial steps in this strategy is to move forward with participation in a joint procurement initiative for a turn-key fleet of up to 10 battery electric buses, required charging infrastructure (both depot and opportunity) and the related civil works associated with installation of charging infrastructure. The current timeline sees the Request for Proposal (RFP) being issued in the second quarter of 2024, and an anticipated contract award following.

In addition to the RFP process, retrofit work will need to be undertaken at the Wonderland facility in order to be able to accommodate, service and maintain the new electric bus fleet when it is delivered. This work will need to take place prior to receipt of the new buses (anticipated for some time in 2025).

The final item under this initiative is the establishment of a team that will lead the implementation of Zero Emission Bus Technology at London Transit. Administration has already initiated a review of best practices in place at other transit systems that are further along with implementation in an effort to understand the level of resources that will be required to ensure a smooth roll-out. This work will be dependant upon final 2014-2027 operating budget approval.

Strategic Outcome LTC Resource Requirements Priority for 2024
Effectively Utilized Infrastructure Moderate High

12.11 Highbury Facility Reconstruction Project

Details with respect to this project are included in Staff Report #1 dated January 25, 2023. Administration worked in concert with civic administration in an effort to receive confirmation of funding from the Provincial and Federal government partners. While Provincial confirmation was received in 2023, Federal approval remains outstanding. Should Federal approval be received in 2024, the next steps will be to issue and award a contract for the detailed design of the replacement facility.

Strategic Outcome LTC Resource Requirements Priority for 2024
Effectively Utilized Infrastructure Moderate High

Updates with respect to progress on the work program initiatives are provided to the Commission as appropriate, noting quarterly update reports are provided on all initiatives scheduled to be completed on or before the end of each quarter. As indicated earlier in this report, it is anticipated that amendments to the 2024 Draft Work Program will be tabled with the Commission for consideration in tandem with the final recommended 2024-2027 Business Plan.


I – 2024 Draft Work Program

II – 2023 Work Program – Final Status

Recommended by:

Mike Gregor, Director of Finance

Craig Morneau, Director of Fleet & Facilities

Joanne Galloway, Director of Human Resources

Katie Burns, Director of Planning

Shawn Wilson, Director of Operations

Concurred in by:

Kelly S. Paleczny, General Manager