Staff Report #1 February 28, 2018


To All Commissioners

Re: 2018 Commission Work Program


The Commission APPROVE the 2018 Work Program as set out in Enclosure I noting the program is congruent with the approved 2015-2018 Business Plan and associated 2015-2018 Financial Plan.


At the January 31, 2018 meeting, the Commission approved in principle the draft 2018 Work Program, noting a number of initiatives under consideration for inclusion in the final program were tabled for Commission consideration and feedback.

The process of finalizing the Work Program included:

  • assessment of the time and staff requirements associated with the mandatory initiatives on the program
  • consideration of the resources required to complete all initiatives under the Public Transit Infrastructure Funding (PTIF) program within the required timelines
  • assessment of whether outside resources could be utilized to complete the initiative in whole or in part
  • alignment of timing of initiatives to ensure projects linked or dependant on another project are completed in the appropriate order

Subsequent to the approval in principle, the draft program was revisited, and the initiatives under consideration were either:

  • added to the final 2018 Work Program with assigned timeframes and project leads; or
  • added to the final 2018 Work Program as “to be scheduled” (TBS), meaning they will be revisited each quarter to determine whether there is time and staff resource availability to undertake them in 2018

The following table sets out the major initiatives included on the 2018 Work Program and the timeframes in which the Commission can anticipate a report/update on each. In addition to the reports included in the table, reports providing status updates on other work program initiatives or emergent issues will be provided as appropriate.

2018 Commission Meeting Key Work Program Initiative Reports or Updates


February 2018 · 2017 Attendance and Disability Management Program Report

· 2017 Annual Service Performance – Conventional Transit Report

March 2018 · 2017 Year End Audit Report and Statements

· 2017 Pension Year End and Statements

· 2017 Status of Reserves and Reserve Funds Report

· Recosted 2018 Operating Budget

April 2018 · 2017 Annual Report

· Draft Industrial Service Strategy

· Quarterly Work Program Update

May 2018 · Draft Ridership Growth/Fare Strategy
June 2018 · Youth Transit Pass Program Details

· Rapid Transit Branding Request for Proposal Award

August 2018 · Quarterly Work Program Update

· 2019 Operating Budget Approval

· 2019 Capital Budget Approval

October 2018 · Draft 2019 Conventional Service Plan

· Quarterly Work Program Update

November 2018 · Compliance report for AODA

In addition to the above, the Commission will continue to be updated regularly on the progress of the PTIF projects.



I – 2018 Work Program (pdf)


Recommended by:

Mike Gregor  – Director of Finance

Shawn Wilson – Director of Operations

Joanne Galloway – Director of Human Resources

Craig Morneau -Director of Fleet & Facilities

Katie Burns – Director of Planning


Concurred in by:

Kelly S. Paleczny – General Manager