Staff Report #1 – Re: Specialized Service Performance Statistics – 2018

Staff Report #1

May 21, 2019

To All Members of the Accessible Public Transit Service Advisory Committee

Re: Specialized Service Performance Statistics – 2018


That the Accessible Public Transit Service Advisory Committee FORWARD the report to the Commission for their review and consideration.


Performance statistics for the Specialized Service for the twelve months ending December 31, 2018, are set out in Enclosure I, with 2017 statistics and 2018 performance targets provided for comparative purposes. In summary:

  • Eligible passenger trips provided in 2018 were 15,073 (5.4%) higher than the same period in 2017; however worse than budget. The worse than budget performance is directly related to the service productivity being achieved, noting it is less than budgeted. Administration continues to work on schedule efficiencies while balancing same with maintaining reasonable schedules which result in better service quality measures.
  • The number of attendant/companion trips provided in 2018 increased by 8,296 (29.7%) as compared to those provided during the same period in 2017. The increase in attendant/companion trips is related in part to temporary registrants who tend to take an attendant/companion on every trip, and in part to the increased use of the support person program which allows a support person to ride free while accompanying a registrant of the service.
  • Service productivity in 2018 averaged 2.3 rides per hour, which is higher than the average of 2.1 for 2017. The increase over 2017 relates in large part to the introduction of the new scheduling system in the spring of 2017 which resulted in several months of less than optimal performance as staff and drivers learned the new system. It should be noted that productivity in the latter part of 2018 rose to an average of 2.4 rides per hour.
  • Rides over one hour in 2018 averaged 1.9% which is slightly better than the 2.0% average for the same period in 2017.
  • Pick-ups over 30 minutes in 2018 averaged 1.6% of total trips, which is higher than the 1.1% for 2017. The significant amount of construction throughout 2018 had a negative impact on on-time performance.
  • The cancellation rate in 2018 averaged 10.0%, which is better than the 10.9% for 2017. There were 13,284 late cancellations in 2018, representing 40.0% of total cancellations.
  • The no-show rate in 2018 averaged 2.1%, up slightly from the 1.9% average for 2017.
  • The non-accommodated trip rate in 2018 averaged 3.6% (total of 12,521 trips), up slightly from the 2.9% average (9,719 trips) for 2017.
  • The average number of same day bookings each month through 2018 was 1,994 trips.
  • New registrations continued to occur at a rate of approximately 50 per month, with the total registrants at the end of December 2018 reaching 9,139. This represents an increase in registrants of approximately 5.0% over 2017.


I – Specialized Transit Service Performance – 2018

Recommended by:

Christopher Murphy, Supervisor, LCTB

Concurred in by:

Kelly S. Paleczny, General Manager