Staff Report #1 – Specialized Service Scheduling System Update

Staff Report #1

February 28, 2024

To All Commissioners

Re: Specialized Service Scheduling System Update


That the Commission:

  1. APPROVE proceeding with the upgrade to the specialized service scheduling software to utilize TripSpark software at an upset limit cost of $500,000 which is inclusive of the software migration, licenses, services, onsite training, and the first year of software maintenance and hosting fees and exclusive of applicable taxes; and
  2. DIRECT administration to finalize the upgrade implementation schedule and report back on same at the March 27, 2024 meeting.


The 2023 Work Program included an initiative to undertake a review of the current software utilized for booking and scheduling trips on the specialized service. The software had been subject to re-sale twice in the previous two years, and the new owner indicated their intent in 2022 to ensure the software remained operational but to cease all activities relating to product enhancements. The review concluded that a replacement software was required in order to provide a number of key features that are considered to be key requirements of a specialized scheduling/booking system including:

  • Online customer portal that allows for on-line trip management including trip booking and cancellation;
  • Detailed customer database that maintains information relating to special accommodations including but not limited to the use of mobility devices, support persons or service animals and special instructions relating to pick-up or drop-off procedures;
  • Real-time arrival information available to customers via customer portal, text/email notification;
  • Ability to ensure equal access in trip booking between customers utilizing online booking with those utilizing telephone;
  • Customizable parameters for trip scheduling that align with LTC service targets (length of time on vehicle, schedule adherence, etc.);
  • Detailed reporting of key service metrics (same day bookings, split between demand and subscription bookings, non-accommodated by time of day, etc.); and
  • In-vehicle tablets providing real-time trip manifests to drivers

Administration has undertaken a review of software options, and a further, more detailed review of the TripSpark option set out in the report recommendation in an effort to ensure it would meet the requirements as set out above. In addition to meeting all of the aforementioned key requirements, it has been confirmed that the TripSpark software will be able to utilize the existing in-vehicle tablets, which will save the capital costs associated with wholesale replacement.

The migration to the TripSpark software is being undertaken as an upgrade given it is owned by the company who also owns the software currently utilized for the specialized service. The system will be cloud-based which will eliminate the need for dedicated server infrastructure to be hosted by London Transit. As set out in the report recommendation, the upset limits cost of the migration to the new software, including licenses, services, onsite training, and the first year of software maintenance and hosting fees is $500,000, which can be accommodated within the Commission’s 2024 Capital Budget program.

Given the current system and the new system are both operated by the same company, the transition is anticipated to be relatively smooth, although adequate time will need to be built into the schedule to ensure that staff are adequately trained and comfortable with the system prior to the changeover. Additionally, adequate time will need to be provided for drivers to be trained as well as to provide communications to customers with respect to the upcoming changes and how the new system will operate.

Given staffing availability issues with the vendor, a formal contract will not be available until the week of March 4, 2024 for execution; however written confirmation with respect to the pricing has been provided in an effort to keep this initiative moving forward. As set out in the report recommendation, administration will report back at the March 27, 2024 meeting with an implementation timeline.

Recommended by:

Shawn Wilson, Director of Operations

Concurred in by:

Kelly S. Paleczny, General Manager