Staff Report #2 – 2024 Work Program – General – First Quarter Update

Staff Report #2

April 24, 2024

To All Commissioners

Re: 2024 Work Program – General – First Quarter Update


The report be NOTED and FILED.


The following report is provided as an update on major projects as set out in the 2024 Work Program that are ongoing in nature and were scheduled to commence and/or to be completed in the first quarter, with the lead on same being the primary responsibility of the General Manager or the senior management team.

2.5 – Mobility master Plan update

London Transit administration participates on both the Working Committee and Steering Committee associated with the Mobility Master Plan Update. At the meeting of March 26, 2024, the Strategic Priorities and Policy Committee received an update report on the process, which included a recommendation for future mode share targets (report link below).

Council ultimately approved that a 2050 mode share target for the development of the Mobility Master Plan be set at the levels described in Option 2 (representing 32.5% Mode Share split) or greater for Transit and for Walking and Cycling. London’s ability to achieve this mode share is most directly influenced by land use and transit investment. A higher intensification rate supports a more sustainable mobility system. The capacity of existing service in some key areas of the city such as the downtown is a consideration for future infrastructure planning. Due to the significant population growth forecasted, significant investments are required in transit, as well as walking and cycling infrastructure to achieve a more sustainable mode share.

With Council approval of the 2050 mode share target, the project team will determine the extent of cycling, pedestrian, transit and vehicle infrastructure needs based on forecasted capacity needs by mode. The mode share target will also influence associated programs and policy setting. Potential projects will then be evaluated based on the project evaluation framework. Once projects are identified for each individual mode using the project evaluation framework, they will be combined into one integrated multi-modal network.

The Commission will be provided updates as appropriate as this initiative progresses.

8.1 – Business Plan process

The process of preparing the 2024-2027 Business Plan and supporting service plans is well underway. Administration has held numerous meetings with representatives from Dillon Consulting to provide the required data and perspectives as input into the process. Draft Five Year Service Plans have been prepared for both the conventional and specialized services, and will be the subject of a public engagement exercise in mid-May. Plans will be reviewed and updated based on public feedback. The Draft Business Plan and supporting plan documents are anticipated to be tabled at the Commission’s June 26, 2024 meeting for Commission feedback, subsequent to which the documents will be finalized.

9.1 & 9.2 – OPTA/CUTA Advocacy

Administration participates on the boards of both the Ontario Public Transit Association (OPTA) and the Canadian Urban Transit Association (CUTA). Both associations have memberships made up of stakeholders to the delivery of public transit services in Ontario and Canada respectively. Part of the mandate of the associations is to advocate on behalf of transit agencies with respect to provincial and federal funding.

From an Ontario perspective, OPTA provided a submission to the Ontario government as part of the pre-budget process seeking an increase in the total annual funding allocation under the Provincial Gas Tax for Transit program. This request was based on the difficulties transit systems across the province are facing with respect to addressing increased demand while being constrained by the level of municipal investment available to support the required growth. In addition, OPTA requested a dedicated funding stream to provide a portion of the capital expenditures associated with bus purchases given the similar demands on capital budgets at the municipal level. Unfortunately neither of these requests were addressed in any manner in the recent Provincial budget, but advocacy efforts will continue on these fronts.

From a Canadian perspective, CUTA has been advocating for the Permanent Public Transit Fund program, scheduled to begin in 2026, to be moved up to 2024 in order to provide funding for critical infrastructure projects and allow for continued planning. In addition, in recognition of the increased safety concerns being experienced on transit systems across the county, CUTA advocated for a dedicated funding envelope that could be accessed via application to assist transit systems in implementing additional safety measures in an effort to ensure riders a safe transit journey. Unfortunately neither of these requests were addressed in any manner in the recent Federal budget, but advocacy efforts will continue on these fronts.

Recommended by:

Kelly S. Paleczny, General Manager