Staff Report #2 April 25, 2018



To All Commissioners

Re: 2017 Draft Annual Report


That the Commission:

  • APPROVE the Draft 2017 Annual Report, attached as Enclosure I; and
  • DIRECT the administration forward the approved 2017 Annual Report to Municipal Council for its review and consideration.


The Draft 2017 Annual Report, as set out in Enclosure I, is being presented for Commission review and approval. Subsequent to Commission approval, the final Annual Report will be presented to Municipal Council via the Civic Works Committee for their review and consideration.

The 2017 Annual Report will include the Chair’s letter of submission, which is to be drafted in consultation with the Commission Chair.

The LTC Business Plan sets the direction respecting the development of LTC as an organization and the services it delivers. The Business Plan process, as depicted below serves as the basis for accountability and transparency.

Business Plan Process Diagram

Diagram of 4 Year Cyclic Business Plan Process

In the 2015-2018 Business Plan, London Transit is defined by its vision to be the valued and trusted mobility choice for Londoners. The vision is supported by the mission statement which is moving Londoners – progressively, reliably and affordably. The vision and mission are supported by five strategic outcomes:

  • An integrated, affordable and valued mobility choice
  • Demonstrated fiscal accountability
  • Being open, transparent and understood
  • Effective utilization of infrastructure
  • An engaged, diverse and respectful workplace

Consistent with the Business Planning Process, each year an annual report is completed and shared publicly. The report provides an overview of how the LTC performed against each of the strategic outcomes identified in the Business Plan.

The table below sets out the performance against the outcomes for the 2017 fiscal year.

Strategic Outcome Grade Comments
An integrated, affordable and valued mobility choice Good Implementation of 5 year service plan is anticipated to address the majority of service concerns relating to both service quality and levels of service provided.
Demonstrated fiscal accountability Excellent Overall effective cost management including a flat-line of both City of London investment and rider investment (fares).
Being open, transparent and understood Satisfactory Communications in all areas continues to be a work in progress.
Effective utilization of infrastructure Excellent Assets are considered to be ‘very good – fit for the future’.
An engaged, diverse and respectful workplace Good Introduction of the Mental Health Strategy and focus on the Workplace Violence Prevention Program in 2017 have set the stage for continued improvement in this area going forward.

The grade of ‘satisfactory’ in the area of ‘being open, transparent and understood’, and ‘good’ in the areas of ‘an integrated, affordable and valued mobility choice’, and ‘an engaged, diverse and respectful workplace’ highlights the areas of focus going forward.

With respect to ‘an integrated, affordable and valued mobility choice’, combined ridership on London’s conventional and specialized transit services increased in 2017 to 23.2 million rides, up approximately 1.3% over 2016 ridership levels, which was slightly lower than budget expectations. Revenue service hours were increased by a total of 23,200 hours on the services. With respect to the conventional service, the increase in hours was targeted primarily at service quality improvements versus service into new areas, and as such, the budgeted increase in ridership was limited to 1.5%. Any increase in hours on the specialized service is directly tied to increased ridership given the ongoing and unmet demand for the services.

The objective of ‘being open, transparent and understood’, which received a ‘good’ score, will also be the focus of Work Programs going forward. 2017 saw the continuation of the Voice of the Customer program, which provides insight into how LTC customers perceive their public transit service as well as what their priorities are for the service going forward. This information will continue to be utilized going forward as more initiatives are undertaken to address the shortfalls identified by LTC customers. 2018 has seen the introduction of a new corporate website and social media accounts, as well as the updated InfoWeb service, which provides real-time service information to riders. The website, social media accounts and InfoWeb service together provide significant enhancements to the manner in which service information is communicated with customers.

The objective of ‘an engaged, diverse and respectful workplace’ also received a grade of ‘good’ with the understanding that the creation and maintenance of an engaged, diverse and respectful workplace is a work in progress and something that will never be considered complete given the ongoing and constant changes faced by a growing organization. Primary areas of focus in 2018 on this objective will include a continued focus on the implementation of the various initiatives outlined in the Mental Health Strategy, the Workplace Violence Prevention Program with the Operator Shield pilot program as well as continued work on the parts of the Wellness and Diversity Committees on continuing with the strides that have been achieved to-date in these areas.


I – 2017 Draft Annual Report

Recommended by:

Kelly S. Paleczny – General Manager