Staff Report #2 Re: Contract Award – Wayside Signs

Staff Report #2

August 28, 2019

To All Commissioners

Re: Contract Award – Wayside Signs


That the Commission:

  1. ACCEPT the bid from Luminator Technology Group for the supply of wayside signs (10 8-line signs and 35 2-line signs); and
  2. DIRECT the administration finalize a contract with Luminator Technology Group, the parameters of which are defined by the request for proposal.


The only remaining project under the Public Transit Infrastructure Funding program to be undertaken is the supply and installation of wayside signs. All projects receiving funding from this program are required to be completed by March 31, 2020.

A request for proposal for the supply of 10 8-line and 35 2-line wayside signs was issued and processed in accordance with the Commission policy and procedures. The request for proposal was advertised on the Ontario Public Transit Association Website consistent with past practice.

Three bids were received and assessed, the details of which are set out in the table below, noting the rates are exclusive of applicable taxes.

Bids Received

Bidder 2-line 8-line Other Fees Notes
Kalitec $ 3,850 $ 15,475 N/A · Pricing is in Canadian Dollars

· Delivery 6-12 months

Trapeze – Electric $ 8,945 $ 14,448 $ 104,964 · Pricing is in US Dollars

· Delivery 5 months

Luminator – Electric $ 5,704 $ 15,500 $ 20,000 · Pricing is in US Dollars

· Delivery 3-4 months

Luminator – Solar $ 9,656 $ 9,656 $ 21,511 · Pricing is in US Dollars

· Delivery 3-4 months

Note: Other Fees includes: licenses and project management services and expenses

The bid from Kalitec proposed the installation of signs that are currently in the prototype phase, and have not been tested in the field. This, coupled with the delivery times being outside of the funding window, excluded the Kalitec proposal from further consideration.

The remaining two bids were expanded upon to provide the total estimated project cost, based on the bids provided, the results of which is set out below.

Total Estimated Project Costs Based on Bids Provided

Bidder 2-line 8-line Other Fees Total Estimated Project Cost
Trapeze – Electric $ 8,945 $ 14,448 $ 104,964 $ 562,520 US
Luminator – Electric $ 5,704 $ 15,500 $ 20,000 $ 374,640 US
Luminator – Solar $ 9,656 $ 9,656 $ 21,511 $ 456,031 US

As set out in the table above, the two bids from Luminator, one for electric and one for solar signage are both lower than the bid from Trapeze. As set out in the report recommendation, administration is recommending award of the contract for the supply of the wayside signs to Luminator as the low compliant bid. Further assessment with respect to the planned locations for the wayside signs will be required prior to determining whether to install electric or solar powered 2-line signs. The 8-line solar powered sign option provided is the 2-line sign displayed in portrait versus landscape and would not be adequate size for the locations intended for the 8-line signs (Fanshawe, Western, Argyle Mall, White Oaks Mall, Masonville Mall and downtown). These details will be worked out prior to placement of the order for the signs.

Luminator also offered the option of the capability for audio announcements with the signs, at a cost of $713 US per electric sign and $1,271 US per solar sign. The details with respect to the manner in which this technology works will be assessed in conjunction with the planned location of the wayside signs, and will be implemented as deemed appropriate.

The total approved budget that was allocated for this project is $716,000. In addition to the purchase of the wayside signs, funding will be required to provide appropriate infrastructure for mounting the 8 line signs, all of which can be accommodated within budget.

In terms of experience, Luminator is the supplier of the head-signs on the LTC fleet of buses and has provided excellent service and support for over a decade.

Recommended by:

Mike Gregor, Director of Finance

Patrick Cormier, Manager of Information Services

Concurred in by:

Kelly S. Paleczny, General Manager