Staff Report #2 – Service Update – Specialized Transit

Staff Report #2

April 2, 2020

To All Commissioners

Re: Service Update – Specialized Transit


That the report be NOTED and FILED.


Service Impacts

Demand for trips on the specialized service is somewhat easier to monitor given the pre-booked nature of the service. The graph below illustrates the daily ridership as a percentage of normal daily ridership for the period of March 16 through March 30, 2020.

Daily Ridership as a Percentage of Normal Daily Ridership – Specialized Service

As the graph illustrates, demand and related ridership are hovering at an average of 15% of what would normally occur during this time period (150 trips on a weekday as compared to 1,100 normally). Administration has worked with the contractor to ensure the service left in place is adequate to meet all service requests. The majority of the trips currently being taken are medical in nature, with many being trips to the dialysis unit for treatment.

Physical Distancing

In an effort to ensure physical distancing onboard the specialized service, trips are being limited to two passengers on board at a time.

Lost and Found

Given concerns raised with respect to the collection and storage of lost and found items, effective March 24, 2020 and until further notice, lesser valued items that are left on specialized vehicles are no longer being stored or available for pickup. All items of value i.e. wallets, cameras, electronic equipment (such as cell phones, laptops, etc.) continue to be stored as per usual procedures (for 14 days) and consistent with current practice, customers are asked to contact us at 519-451-1347 to ensure we have their item. Pick up of items can be arranged at the 450 Highbury office between 8:30am and 4:30pm Monday to Friday.


Communications with respect to service continue to be handled primarily through the corporate website and social media accounts. Given the pre-booked nature of the specialized service, questions with respect to the service are also being fielded by the booking agents.

Recommended by:

Kelly S. Paleczny, General Manager