Staff Report #3 – 2019 Draft Annual Report

Staff Report #3

May 27, 2020

To All Commissioners

Re: 2019 Draft Annual Report


That the Commission:

  • APPROVE the Draft 2019 Annual Report, attached as Enclosure I; and
  • DIRECT the administration forward the approved 2019 Annual Report to Municipal Council for its review and consideration.


The Draft 2019 Annual Report, as set out in Enclosure I, is being presented for Commission review and approval. Subsequent to Commission approval, the final Annual Report will be presented to Municipal Council via the Civic Works Committee for their review and consideration.

The 2019 Annual Report will include the Chair’s letter of submission, which is to be drafted in consultation with the Commission Chair.

The LTC Business Plan sets the direction respecting the development of LTC as an organization and the services it delivers. The Business Plan process, as depicted below serves as the basis for accountability and transparency.

In the 2019-2022 Business Plan, London Transit is defined by its vision to be the valued and trusted mobility choice for Londoners. The vision is supported by the mission statement which is moving Londoners – progressively, reliably and affordably. The vision and mission are supported by five strategic outcomes:

  • An integrated, affordable and valued mobility choice
  • An engaged, diverse and respectful workplace
  • Demonstrated fiscal accountability
  • Being open, transparent and understood
  • Effective utilization of infrastructure

Consistent with the Business Planning Process, each year an annual report is completed and shared publicly. The report provides an overview of how the LTC performed against each of the strategic outcomes identified in the Business Plan.

The following table sets out the performance against the outcomes for the 2019 fiscal year.

Strategic Outcome Grade Comments
An integrated, affordable and valued mobility choice Good Implementation of the 5th year of the previous service plan and approval of the next 5 Year service plan demonstrates progress toward addressing the majority of service concerns relating to both service quality and levels of service provided.
Demonstrated fiscal accountability Excellent Overall effective cost management and actual performance consistent with budget.
Being open, transparent and understood Good Continued use of social media for outside stakeholders and focus on increased efforts to communicate and engage employees.
Effective utilization of infrastructure Excellent Assets are considered to be ‘very good – fit for the future’.
An engaged, diverse and respectful workplace Good Delivery of the custom Resiliency Training program to employees and the establishment of the Expect Respect Working Group in 2019 both demonstrated significant progress.

As the previous table sets out, performance with respect to all of the strategic objectives ranged from good to excellent in 2019.

2019 marked the fifth and final year of the Conventional Service Plan, which saw significant incremental improvements averaging approximately 18,000 additional service hours per year. These changes have resulted in a service that better matches service levels to ridership demand and also one that responds to long standing customer requests including improved frequencies on busy routes and improved service levels and hours on weekends. The specialized service also saw a fifth year of service level increases of approximately 6,000 hours per year, which have helped to address the demand for services. Ridership overall in 2019 increased at a rate higher than budgeted.

With respect to the objective of being open, transparent and understood, communications was an area of focus in 2019, with the launch of the ‘Your Transit’ campaign that promotes the benefits and reasons for taking transit, this campaign included shelter posters as well as social media and website components. Increased efforts were also directed at external communication through corporate social media accounts and the corporate website, all of which was well received by the general public. Internally, focus was placed on increased employee engagement with the establishment of a number of working groups with representation from various employee groups. These working groups provide the opportunity for employees to share their perspectives and feedback in effort to address issues in the workplace, which leads to solutions that are more likely to succeed.

The continued focus on employee wellness saw the roll out of mental health resiliency training to employees. Feedback from employees who have participated in the program to date has been excellent. It is anticipated this program will provide employees with the necessary tools and coping strategies for mental health resiliency, which will result in a healthier workplace overall.

In summary, 2019 is viewed as a successful beginning to the 2019-2022 Business Plan, with results supporting the Plan’s vision which is to be the valued and trusted mobility choice for Londoners.

Subsequent to Commission approval of the Draft Annual Report, the transmittal letter will be drafted by the Commission Chair and the report will be finalized for distribution to LTC stakeholders and presentation to Municipal Council.


I – Draft 2019 Annual Report

Recommended by:

Mike Gregor, Director of Finance

Shawn Wilson, Director of Operations

Joanne Galloway, Director of Human Resources

Craig Morneau, Director of Fleet & Facilities

Katie Burns, Director of Planning

Concurred in by:

Kelly S. Paleczny, General Manager