Staff Report #3 – Bus Stop Lighting Project

Staff Report #3

June 13, 2023

To All Members of the Accessible Public Transit Service Advisory Committee

Re: Bus Stop Lighting Project


That the report be NOTED and FILED.


Item 12.7 on the Commission’s 2023 Work Program calls for the implementation of solar-powered lights at 150 bus stop locations across the city. This project is intended to improve the safety and accessibility of bus stops that have been identified as having low light or safety concerns. The lights are activated by pushing a button on the bus stop pole, after which they remain illuminated for 10 minutes. The light is designed to light the area immediately adjacent to the bus stop location, improving the sense of safety for customers and making it easier for bus operators to see customers waiting at the stop. Should the light be required for longer than 10 minutes, the button can be pushed again.

At the May 31, 2023 meeting, the Commission approved a contract award with Urban Solar for the supply of the required equipment. Administration has followed up with the supplier and placed the order, noting delivery timelines have been quoted at six to eight weeks.

In preparation for this project to move forward, administration has refined a list of locations that have been identified as low light or safety concerns based on the following criteria:

  • customer contact (confirmed by administration) regarding safety/lighting issues at a specific stop;
  • stop location must not have a shelter (given the shelter is already lit); and
  • stop location must be 50 metres away from a street light

The identified locations have been submitted to the City of London for approval, noting that should any locations not be approved, the list will be amended. Based on the six to eight week delivery, it is anticipated the equipment will be installed by the early fall of 2023.

Recommended by:

Katie Burns, Director of Planning

Concurred in by:

Kelly S. Paleczny, General Manager