Staff Report #3 – Investing in Canada – Public Transit Infrastructure Stream (PTIS) Shelter Program

Staff Report #3

April 28, 2021

To All Commissioners

Re: Investing in Canada – Public Transit Infrastructure Stream (PTIS) Shelter Program


That the Commission APPROVE the following list of warranted locations for installation of non-advertising shelters in 2021:

  1. Fanshawe College Blvd at Fleming northbound
  2. Western at Hollywood Cres. northbound
  3. Wellington at Grand northbound
  4. Oxford at Fanshawe College Blvd westbound
  5. Platts Lane at Trott northbound
  6. Sarnia at Brescia Lane westbound
  7. Sandford at Beckworth southbound
  8. Fanshawe at Aldersbrook eastbound
  9. Hyde Park at Oxford southbound
  10. Beaverbrook at Blythwood westbound
  11. Huron at Webster stop 1 eastbound
  12. Riverside west of Wharncliffe westbound
  13. 1548 Richmond northbound
  14. Richmond north of Windermere northbound
  15. Baseline east of Wellington eastbound
  16. Riverside east of Wharncliffe westbound
  17. Wellington at Grey southbound
  18. Capulet Lane at Capulet Walk southbound
  19. Dundas at Clarke westbound
  20. South Wenige at Sunningdale northbound
  21. Wellington at Chester northbound
  22. Oxford at Clemens eastbound
  23. Oxford at Third westbound
  24. Huron at Waterloo westbound
  25. Adelaide at Regent northbound
  26. Adelaide at Mapledale southbound
  27. Southdale at Adelaide eastbound
  28. Oxford at Waterloo westbound
  29. Fanshawe at Trossacks farside westbound
  30. Commissioners at Adelaide eastbound


On March 14, 2018, the Government of Canada and the Province of Ontario signed an Integrated Bilateral Agreement (the Agreement) to deliver up to $7.47 billion to Ontario for public transit infrastructure by March 31, 2028. The funds are distributed across Ontario based on transit ridership. London’s municipal transit ridership is the fifth largest in the province resulting in an allocation of $204.88 million. The Agreement identifies a provincial target of increasing the modal share of public transit and active transportation by at least 25%. To be eligible, individual projects must meet at least one of the following outcomes as stated in the Agreement:

  • improved capacity of public transit infrastructure
  • improved quality and/or safety of transit systems
  • improved access to a public transit system

The Agreement also states that public transit projects and active transportation projects that connect citizens to a public transit system need to be consistent with a land-use or transportation plan or strategy.

At its meeting of March 25, 2019, the Strategic Priorities and Policy of Committee of Council determined the projects that would be submitted to the Provincial and Federal governments for consideration under the Investing in Canada – Public Transit Infrastructure Stream (PTIS). The outcomes were confirmed by Municipal Council at the March 26, 2019 meeting. The list of projects recommended by civic administration for consideration included $1.1 million for bus stop amenity improvements, including the installation of 60 additional shelters across the transit network.

The 2020 work plan was to have seen 30 of the additional shelters installed by fall of 2020 with the remaining 30 shelters installed in 2021. With the declaration of a global pandemic and resulting shutdowns, the program was deferred to 2021.

Work has commenced on this program, noting it is currently planned to have 30 shelters installed by late fall 2021 with the remaining 30 shelters installed in 2022. Installation will be subject to availability of contractors to install the required cement pads in advance of shelter installation, which given the current lockdown provisions and anticipated repercussions, may be a challenge. Should the pads not be completed in time for shelter installation in the fall of 2021, installation will occur in the spring of 2022.

Table I below, sets out the warranted shelters for the 2021 installation. All shelter locations have already been approved for installation by the City of London and should not require any private encroachment agreements.

Table I- 2021 Shelter Installation Locations

Stop ID Stop Name Routes Served Average Daily Boardings
2230 Fanshawe College Blvd at Fleming NB 27, 25 153
1992 Western at Hollywood Cres NB 02, 102 141
1942 Wellington at Grand Ave NB 13, 01, 90 128
1344 Oxford at Fanshawe College Blvd WB 17, 36 76
1398 Platts Lane at Trott NB 09, 33 69
1637 Sarnia at Brescia Lane WB 09, 10, 27, 31 67
1619 Sandford at Beckworth SB 27, 25 65
2510 Fanshawe at Aldersbrook EB 09, 19 64
1030 Hyde Park at Oxford SB 17, 19 64
224 Beaverbrook at Blythwood WB 27, 20 63
1021 Huron at Webster Stop 1 EB 15, 25, 27 58
1601 Riverside West of Wharncliffe WB 09, 19, 20 54
1519 1548 Richmond 10, 13 55
1520 Richmond North of Windermere NB 13, 10, 90 52
206 Base Line east of Wellington EB 01 46
2336 Riverside East of Wharncliffe WB 2, 94, 102 45
1945 Wellington at Grey SB 13, 01 44
322 Capulet Lane at Capulet Walk SB 27, 20 43
551 Dundas at Clarke WB 02 42
1727 South Wenige at Sunningdale NB 19 42
1929 Wellington at Chester NB 01, 13 40
1278 Oxford at Clemens EB 04, 17, 104 39
1353 Oxford at Third WB 36 38
1020 Huron at Waterloo WB 27 38
74 Adelaide at Regent NB 01, 16 36
55 Adelaide at Mapledale SB 16 35
1666 Southdale & Adelaide EB 10, 13 33
1355 Oxford at Waterloo WB 04, 17, 104 33
2834 Fanshawe at Trossacks FS WB 25 32
445 Commissioners at Adelaide EB 16, 24 32

Next Steps

To maintain consistency of shelters across the system, Avanti shelters manufactured by Daytech Ltd. will continue to be installed at all locations. Subsequent to Commission approval of the report recommendation, an order for 30 shelters will be placed with Daytech. The cost for 30 shelters, including installation is $191,250 and is consistent with the budget allocations in the PTIS project approval.

Each shelter location will also require the installation of a concrete pad. Subject to Commission approval, a Request for Quotation will be issued for installation of concrete pads at all 30 locations. A recommendation for award of the contract relating to the request for quotation will be presented at the Commission’s May 26, 2021 meeting.

Recommended by:

Katie Burns, Director of Planning

Concurred in by:

Kelly S. Paleczny, General Manager