Staff Report #4 – 2024 Work Program – Human Resources – First Quarter Update

Staff Report #4

April 24, 2024

To All Commissioners

Re: 2024 Work Program – Human Resources – First Quarter Update


That the report be NOTED and FILED.


The following report is provided as an update on significant projects as set out in the 2023 Work Program that were scheduled to commence and/or be completed in the first quarter, with the lead on same being the primary responsibility of Human Resources.

6.1 – Annual Performance Report – Grievances 2020-2023

Grievances are reviewed annually to determine potential trends and issues and assess labour relations. Grievances are a tool to resolve problems with the bargaining agent effectively and are not necessarily viewed as a negative issue. In 2023, there were no grievances relating to the interpretation of the new Collective Agreement, which can be considered somewhat positive in terms of the parties’ (ATU Local 741 and Management) overall understanding and interpretation of the new Collective Agreement. Further, at the end of 2023, the parties had no unresolved grievances, as all matters were resolved, awarded, withdrawn or denied. No findings or recommendations are noted based on the assessment for 2023.

6.4 – Digital Recording Surveillance System Usage Policy & Procedures

Human Resources completed the annual audit on the Digital Recording Surveillance System Usage Policy & Procedures to ensure proper procedures for use/securing/retention and destruction of images were undertaken per the above-noted policy and the Commission’s Privacy policy. The audit findings in 2024 found full compliance with respective policies and procedures.

6.5 – Annual Performance Report – Corporate Training

As in 2022 and continuing in 2023, the Corporate Training team has prioritized new onboarding training programs due to the need to recruit. In Operations, approximately 60 new hires completed the New Operator Onboarding Program, Fleet and Facilities onboarded 11 skilled and semi-skilled employees, and administration onboarded seven. Other key initiatives in 2023 included the following:

  • the development and rollout of the Inspector Mental Health Awareness program;
  • the development and rollout of a training module focused on improving communications between teams (Inspectors and Dispatchers);
  • Fleet and Facilities Management and Relief Supervisors underwent a two-day refresher program on roles and responsibilities;
  • Human Resources and Operations undertook an extensive review and assessment of the New Operator Onboarding Program, including obtaining feedback from those who recently participated in the program. In the first quarter of 2024, the parties developed an 8-hour New Operator Refresher Program that new Operators will participate in at the nine-month employment mark. The program provides enhanced defensive driving focusing on mirror usage and clearance issues and refresher reviews on key SOP’s, customer service expectations, how to handle complicated interactions, and the supports that are available for new Operators to help them perform their job successfully. The program is being rolled out in May of The program will be evaluated for its effectiveness on a go-forward basis; and
  • all management staff completed a comprehensive training program focusing on respectful language within a diverse workplace, improving communication in general, managing difficult conversations and respectful leadership. The program was rolled out in the fall of 2023 and completed early in 2024. Initially, the program included three sessions; however, the feedback and learning were so well received that an additional session was added to address topics the management team raised through the training.

Other – Annual Employee Benefits Review and Renewal

Effective March 31, 2024, administration approved the employee benefits program renewal consistent with past practice and the LTC Purchasing Policy provisions. Administration enlists the assistance of HUB International in the annual renewal assessment. The renewal review with HUB International aims to ensure maximum value, provide insight into claiming patterns within the program, ensure the funding arrangements remain aligned with London Transit’s risk tolerance level, and identify any industry news/trends that could impact the program. The overall renewal was positive, and premiums remained relatively status quo, slightly reducing both short-term and long-term disability rates which was offset by increases in dental coverage rates. Based on the review and quoted renewal rates, Administration has opted to continue the working relationship with both HUB International and Desjardins (DFS), as the parties have been able to work well together to address issues as they arise.

As background, the employee benefits program includes life insurance, short-term disability (STD), long-term disability (LTD), and extended health care (EHC), including drug coverage, vision care and dental coverage. London Transit pays 100% of the related premium cost for the respective benefits except for group life insurance, which is shared 50/50 between London Transit and the employee. Life insurance, STD and LTD are all premium-related benefits for which the premiums are set annually and the proposed increases for Life, STD and LTD are based primarily on London Transit’s performance over the previous year and changes to the group demographic as well as the insurers’ overall performance on their entire book of business. STD is accounted for as refund-based, meaning reserves are established and premium deficits flow through year over year. EHC and Dental are provided via “Administrative Services Only” (ASO), meaning a monthly rate per employee is set and charged to London Transit, with actual claims (plus an administrative charge by DFS to manage the claims process) flowing through a reserve which must remain at a level sufficient to cover monthly premiums.

Recommended by:

Joanne Galloway, Director of Human Resources

Concurred in by:

Kelly S. Paleczny, General Manager