Staff Report #4 – MagnusCards Update

Staff Report #4

September 14, 2021

To All Members of the Accessible Public Transit Advisory Committee

Re: MagnusCards Update


That the report be NOTED and FILED.


At the June 30, 2021 meeting, the Commission approved proceeding with the implementation of the MagnusCards partnership. Subsequent to that approval, administration has completed the contract and begun the work associated with creating the content for the London Transit card decks that will go on the MagnusCards application. A sample deck card from Oakville Transit is pictured below.

Image of the MagnusCard as it appears on the app

The partnership with MagnusCards includes the opportunity to create up to 10 card decks that will assist customers with utilizing LTC services. Administration has worked with the MagnusCards team to determine the topics for the 10 decks. When assessing options for topics, other transit systems’ card decks were reviewed as well as the most commonly asked questions and requests for assistance from LTC customer service representatives.

The 10 topics that are currently in the process of being developed are:

  • Purchasing Fares
  • Using a Smart Card
  • Planning a Trip
  • Using Real-time Bus Info
  • Safety & Getting Help
  • How to Ride Transit
  • Priority & Courtesy Seating
  • How to Transfer Between Buses
  • Riding the Bus with Accessible Devices
  • Staying Up to Date

The actual content for each deck, which will include approximately 10 steps each (with a picture and accompanying instructive text), is currently being worked on. By way of example, the steps currently included for consideration under the Purchasing Fares Topic are set out in the table below.

Step Image Instructions
1 Fare Media This deck will show you how to purchase fares for use on LTC services
2 LTC Website Visit LTC website, fares section
3 Smart Card/Tickets/ Cash Determine which fare option works best for you
4 Tickets Explain tickets, passes and 90 minute transfer
5 Cash Explain cash fare and 90 minute transfer
6 LTC fare counter Explain where to purchase fares
7 LTC ticket clerk Explain process to purchase fares
8 POS device Explain how to pay
9 Smart Card Explain how smart cards work
10 Wallet/Purse Reminder to place fares in a safe place

The text included in the instruction column of the above table is not the text that will be included in the card deck but rather a high level description of what the text will include. The creation of the steps is iterative in that it first relies on the transit system to create a document with the steps under each topic which is then forwarded to the MagnusCards team for review to ensure readability for the target audience of the application. Administration is currently in the process of developing the actual text for the 10 steps under each of the decks and has received the first round of feedback from the MagnusCards team.

In addition to the creation of the instructive text, the types and locations for the images to be included on the cards is also in progress. The MagnusCards team will be in London the week of September 20 to gather all of the required images for the 10 card decks.

Should everything continue to progress as planned, the LTC card decks will be officially launched in October 2021, which is Autism Awareness month in Canada.

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Kelly S. Paleczny, General Manager