Staff Report #4 – Organizational Structure Update

Staff Report #4

May 30, 2018

To All Commissioners

Re: Organizational Structure Update


That the report be NOTED and FILED.


In the Organizational Structure Update Report dated March 28, 2018, it was noted that the Human Resources (HR) department was subject to review in 2018. The review was necessitated given the increasing complexities associated with the overall disability management program; in terms of claims both from a management and legislative perspective, coupled with the increased focus on employee relations and related programs supporting same, such as the ongoing implementation of LTC’s Mental Health Strategy. The current structure of the HR department is overseen by the Director of HR who is supported by a Manager of HR, a Supervisor of Training, an HR Administrative Support person, and part-time clerical assistance.

The review of the department entailed a detailed analysis of the tasks associated with carrying out the day-to-day requirements of the department, as well as estimates relating to workload requirements required to implement programs, such as the LTC’s Mental Health Strategy and related policies, procedures and programs. The review identified the need for additional support with respect to the disability management program, which allows for further dedicated resources to support claims, as well as free up some of the Manager of HR’s time to provide the opportunity for enhanced focus on employee relations and current implementation of the Mental Health Strategy.

As a result of the review a new full-time position has been created; Human Resources Specialist and the part-time clerical assistance will no longer be required, resulting in an increase to the compliment of 0.5. The primary focus of the new position of HR Specialist will be on supporting LTC’s disability management program as well as recruitment and selection.

The role of HR Specialist has been filled internally with the HR Administrative Support person, noting that during the last year, the HR Administrative Support person has temporarily replaced the Manager of HR who has been on leave therefore is well versed to take on this new role. The vacancy created by the transition will be filled with the current incumbent who is completing a one year contract in the HR Administrative Support person role, as part of the same leave. All changes take effect June 3, 2018.

The aforementioned changes will ensure that the appropriate resources are in place to affect one of the guiding principles of the 2015-2018 Business Plan, an Engaged and Diverse Workplace. Supporting that guiding principle, this new structure will enhance the ability of the department to address the strategic outcomes identified in this Business Plan, including:

  • Developing a qualified and diverse workforce, reflective of community demographics
  • Creating a safe work environment and encouraging employee health and wellness

Recommended by:

Kelly S. Paleczny, General Manager