Staff Report #5 – 2023 Road Construction and Special Events Update

Staff Report #5

November 29, 2023

To All Commissioners

Re: 2023 Road Construction and Special Events Update


The report be NOTED and FILED.


As has been the case over the past number of years, the City of London has undertaken a large number of construction projects during the 2023 construction season, many of which have impacts to transit routes and schedule adherence.

Administration works closely with civic administration as well as the specific contractors on each major construction project to ensure regular communication regarding the status of the projects in an effort to mitigate the impact of construction on service and ridership by allowing buses to operate in work zones where it is deemed safe to do so.

Hyde Park Road Closure

Hyde Park Road will be closed in both directions between Sarnia and Gainsborough from December 4 to December 8 to allow for services to be installed to a new apartment building. As a result, Route 19 will have to be detoured via Gainsborough, Aldersbrook and Sarnia during this time. Temporary stops will be implemented on Gainsborough and Sarnia to provide access for passengers as close as possible to the regular routing.

East London Link Phase II

East London Link Phase II involves construction on King between Lyle and Ontario St., Ontario St. between King and Dundas and Dundas between Ontario St. and Egerton. Construction began on March 13 with the main impact to transit being the full closure of Dundas between Ontario and Egerton, resulting in the need to detour Routes 2, 20 and 94.

Routes 2 & 94 normally operating on Dundas have been detoured to Florence/York between Kellogg Lane and William in both directions. Route 20 has been detoured to York Florence in the eastbound direction and Dufferin to English in the westbound direction since the reopening of Quebec Street. As a result of other planned construction in the area during the 2023 construction season as well as operational turning impacts, the detour extends past the limits of the construction zone.

The construction is anticipated to be completed in late December 2023.

Downtown Loop Phase III

Construction continues on the Downtown Loop Phase III along Wellington between York and Queens. The Traffic flip to the southbound lanes was completed and it is now anticipated that work will continue through the winter months. As such all routes normally operating along Wellington in this area, will continued to be detoured to Waterloo until construction is completed in 2024.

Wellington Gateway I

As with the Downtown Loop Phase III construction, work has been delayed on Wellington Gateway and as such construction will have to continue through the winter months.

Routes 13 and 90 will continue to operate along Grand, Carfrae/Richmond in order to maintain schedule adherence and provide stop locations for passengers. Route 1 will maintain regular routing along Wellington in order to continue to provide service and access to South Street, Grey Street and Colborne.

Detours will be in place until construction is completed in 2024.

Victoria Bridge

Work continues on the Victoria Bridge reconstruction, with a full closure of Ridout Street. Routes 4, 15 and 104 continue to detour via Grand, Carfrae/Richmond. With additional construction delays, work is now anticipated to be completed in Spring 2024.

Adelaide Street North Underpass

Construction began on the Adelaide Street underpass on April 21, 2022. The temporary by-pass road was opened on September 14, 2022, providing a single lane of traffic on Adelaide between Central and McMahen Street through McMahen Park. As there is only a single lane of traffic, temporary bus stops have not been implemented on the temporary by-pass road. Passengers have been directed to catch the bus at the closest stops north and south of the construction area.

The work is currently scheduled to continue through to summer 2025.

Oxford Street Lane Restrictions

Due to multiple projects happening along Oxford, there will be a number of lane restrictions which will have impacts to routes operating along the corridor. Lane restrictions will be happening at Beaverbrook and Mud Creek. Due to delays with construction lane restrictions are now expected to last into 2024 and will have impacts on Routes 17 and 91. Communication has gone out to advise passengers to allow themselves extra travel time as a result of schedule adherence delays.

Santa Claus Parades

Hyde Park Santa Claus Parade

The Hyde Park Santa Claus parade is scheduled for Saturday November 28 at 10am. The parade routing will operate along Gainsborough Road resulting in the Routes 9, 19 and 31 being detoured. This is the standard parade detour for the Hyde Park parade.

Argyle Santa Claus Parade

The Argyle Santa Claus Parade is scheduled for Saturday December 2 at 11am operating along Dundas between Saskatoon and Parsons. Routes 2, 7 & 17 will be on detour during the parade along the standard Argyle Parade detour.


The underlying goals with respect to communication regarding detours are to provide passengers and Operators with as much information as far in advance as possible, noting that dates and impacts can change without notice. Accomplishing both of these goals requires a balanced approach. A communication strategy has been developed which, as noted above, includes posting information on internal boards, the website, real-time/Infoweb alerts and social media as well as through stop level notifications which will provide passengers with information regarding which stops are closed and direct them to the closest stop location. On board announcements also indicate to passengers when a bus is starting along a detour routing and when the bus has returned back to regular route.

Recommended by:

Shawn Wilson, Director of Operations

Katie Burns, Director of Planning

Concurred in by:

Kelly S. Paleczny, General Manager