Staff Report #6 – Re: 2018 Road Construction Update

Staff Report #6

November 28, 2018

To All Commissioners

Re: 2018 Road Construction Update


The report be NOTED and FILED.


Significant construction projects continue throughout the City, which continue to have an impact on on-time reliability. LTC administration continues to work closely with civic administration as well as the specific contractors on each major construction project to ensure regular communication regarding the status of the projects in an effort to mitigate the impact of construction on service and ridership by allowing buses to operate in work zones where it is deemed safe to do so. LTC administration continues to attend weekly meetings with civic administration, specifically to discuss the impacts of ongoing and upcoming downtown construction projects.

Buses off Dundas

Construction work continues on the Dundas Place project. Since October 17, 2018, the intersection of Richmond and Dundas has been closed. This closure was scheduled to last for approximately six weeks with the entire project between Ridout and Richmond scheduled to be completed on December 20, 2018. All bus stops along Richmond south of Queens Ave and north of King St are still closed as a result. The initial northbound detour was on King, Wellington, Queens with the southbound detour following Queens, Ridout, King. Due to considerable schedule adherence concerns and with the confirmation from the City that Talbot Street would remain open for the duration of the project the detour was modified to operate on Talbot southbound and Clarence northbound as set out in Figure I below. On Monday November 19, 2018 London Transit was made aware that there could be road work required at the intersection of Clarence and Dundas to resolve a potential sink hole. Administration will continue to monitor the area for safe operation and if an additional detour is required will evaluate all options to ensure the best possible routing for service to be maintained.

Figure I- Richmond Street Detour

Wharncliffe and Western Construction

Through both external discussions with civic administration and internal discussions with Operations and Planning staff, it was determined that the best course of action with respect to providing transit service during the period of construction is to maintain routing of Routes 2 and 102 along Wharncliffe. While this approach has resulted in no stops in either direction on Wharncliffe Rd between Oxford St and south of Phillip Aziz Ave, the alternative options provide far less access for passengers. As set out in Figure II buses continue to be unable to stop to service bus stops within the construction zone due to safety concerns, as such four stops in each direction continue to not be serviced. This results in the closest accessible transit stops being approximately 1.38 kilometers apart at Wharncliffe and Oxford and Western Rd south of Phillip Aziz. The un-serviced stops have daily weekday ridership of 1,576 and 1,672 boardings and alightings respectively. Schedule adherence specifically in the peak periods has proven difficult to maintain in this corridor due to lane reductions, construction ‘flag men’ when needed and uneven surfaces in the area requiring traffic to move at a slower speed to remain safe. Administration continues to monitor the construction area on a weekly basis to assess the impacts on schedule adherence and determine if it is safe to open any stops between Oxford and Phillip Aziz. With the construction nearing completion, London Transit Administration will meet with Construction Administration on Monday November 26 to discuss how and when stops will be able to be reopened in the area. It is anticipated that the stops will be opened in a staged manner as construction is completed along the corridor.

Figure II- Bus Stop Closures on Western/Wharncliffe

Richmond Street Lane Channeling

Since the start of the fall school year, Richmond has seen multiple short-term construction projects in addition to the three year project in the southbound lanes north of Dufferin St that have required lane channeling. This lane channeling has added to the stress the system is experiencing regarding schedule adherence with the increased commuter traffic choosing Richmond over Western road due to the extensive project in that area. Administration will continue to consider alternative routing options while still providing an appropriate level of service in this corridor when lane channeling occurs.

Hamilton Road between Chelsey and Egerton

In the Spring of 2017, London Transit was notified by Construction Administration that construction work was to commence on May 23, 2018, restricting lanes on Hamilton Road between Chelsey and Egerton with a scheduled completion date of October 31, 2018. The lane channeling in the area was expected to cause schedule delays however there would be no detour required for Route 3. Schedule delays have been realized for the duration of the project as expected although recently adherence to the schedule has proven to be more difficult in the area as the project progresses. Additionally the project is now scheduled to be completed on November 30, 2018. Administration will continue to monitor the performance of route 3 until construction in the area is finished and will consider detour options if Route 3 schedule adherence worsens.

Wilton Grove Road

On Tuesday October 2, 2018, London Transit was notified by the Engineering Firm that construction work would be starting on Wilton Grove Road between Hubrey and Commerce on October 9, 2018. The work would be completed in two phases and is anticipated to last up until June 2019. Administration has met with the City of London and Parsons to discuss possible detour options for the buses during each phase of the construction and unfortunately due to the work and the limited surrounding roadways, there are no viable detour options.

For Phase 1 the signed detour for vehicle traffic is to travel south on Hubrey, east on Green Valley to north on Highbury Ave. This is not an option for transit vehicles as the turn at Green Valley and Highbury is an un-signalized intersection onto a high speed and high volume roadway. Additionally, all traffic through the area will be detoured along these roads potentially causing significant delays.

For Phase 2 the signed detour for vehicle traffic is to travel east on Wilton Grove to Highbury to Bradley to Old Victoria. This option would add approximately 26 minutes to the running time for this route, and therefore would require an extra vehicle to be added to maintain frequency and schedule adherence. The cost of the additional vehicle for the eight month project (approximately 165 days) would be approximately 1,700 hours. Additionally, an extra vehicle and Operator would be required for 10.5 hours per day. Based on the current budget and resource availability, this is not a viable option.

Phase 1 of the work was delayed with construction starting on October 22, 2018. LTC administration has been in continuous contact with the City of London and the contractor to develop a plan to allow transit access while it is safe to do so through the area of construction.

An onsite meeting was held on October 24, 2018 where LTC administration was informed that due to the progress at the site, LTC buses would not be able to pass safely once excavation commenced the week of October 29, 2018. Communication went out on October 24, 2018 indicating that starting on October 29, 2018, Route 30 will no longer provide service to the Cheese Factory area and the route would be short turned at Hubrey and Wilton Grove to return back to White Oaks Mall for the duration of the construction period (see Figure III). Given the rather short notice of the detour, in addition to the Twitter and website communication, and in an effort to ensure all affected transit riders are made aware of the detour, London Transit staff were also onboard Route 30 on October 25, 2018 to speak directly with passengers about the upcoming detour and answer any questions regarding same.

Further assessments will be required as the project progresses due to the uncertain nature when excavating for the deep sewer work and alternative detour routings will continue to be considered as the project progresses.

Figure III – Route 30 Detour

Western Bridge Closure

On Wednesday October 10, 2018, London Transit was notified by Western University that due to an engineering assessment, the bridge on University Drive would be closed to vehicular traffic starting sometime during the week of October 15, 2018. Due to the uncertainty of when the closure would commence and in an effort to provide riders with as much advance notice as possible, communication went out starting on October 10, 2018 that Routes 6, 13 and 106 would be detoured effective Monday October 15, 2018. Routes 6 and 106 are detoured via Richmond, Windermere, Perth Drive to access Natural Science. Both routes resume regular routing southbound at Natural Science. The University Hospital access road is currently utilized as a turn-around for Route 13 as the alternative detour to serve Natural Science would add significant round trip time, impacting the schedule adherence on the entire route. The detour for Route 13 results in the stops at Delaware Hall not being serviced during this time. This bridge closure has added further stress to the system with regards to schedule adherence, noting increased traffic on Windermere and Western/Wharncliffe in addition to the current construction pressures as a result. Administration will continue to monitor the performance of the routes in this area and will consider alternative detour options if the planned detour routings prove to be inefficient. At the time of writing the completion date for the project has not been determined. Through discussions with Western, LTC has been informed that there should be more detail information regarding the timeline in the coming weeks but that late February is the best guess for completion.

Middlesex Drive lane reductions

On November 20, 2018, London Transit was notified by Western University that due to work required on curbing, Middlesex Drive would be reduced to one lane controlled by flag men from November 26 to November 30. This lane restriction is anticipated to further negatively impact schedule adherence for all routes servicing Natural Science.


The underlying goals with respect to communications regarding detours are to provide passengers and Operators with as much information as far in advance as possible, noting that dates and impacts can change without notice. Accomplishing both of these goals requires a balanced approach.

LTC administration continues to communicate with representatives from Western and Fanshawe regarding construction projects with specific impacts to commuting to and from the facilities.

Information regarding all impacts to service is posted on the London Transit website and Twitter account as well as on InfoWeb, to provide as much advance notice as possible.

Recommended by:

Shawn Wilson, Director of Operations

Katie Burns, Director of Planning

Concurred in by:

Kelly S. Paleczny, General Manager