Staff Report #7 – 2019 Work Program – Operations – Third Quarter Update

Staff Report #7

October 30, 2019

To All Commissioners

Re: 2019 Work Program – Operations – Third Quarter Update


The report be NOTED and FILED.


The following report is provided as an update on major Operations projects as set out in the 2019 Work Program that are ongoing in nature and/or were scheduled to commence and/or be completed over the first nine months of 2019, with the lead on same being the primary responsibility of the Operations Department.

Expect Respect Working Group

As set out in Staff Report #8 dated April 24, 2019, LTC administration and the ATU Local 741 Executive have formed an ‘Expect Respect’ Working Group which includes representatives from all areas of the organization. The main task of the group is to identify underlying issues related to the lack of mutual respect/acceptable conduct between employees, customers and others that LTC employees come into contact with during the course of employment. Once the underlying issues have been identified and prioritized, the group will be tasked with developing/recommending initiatives intended to address these issues and ultimately improve the working environment.

To date, the Working Group has had two meetings, May 31, 2019 and June 21, 2019, with the primary focus being to gather feedback with respect to members’ concerns surrounding mutual respect and acceptable conduct in the workplace. The group discussions have identified a number of common triggers with the potential to lead to disrespectful interactions.

As a next step in this process, an online survey was created to provide the employee group at large the opportunity to share their perspectives with respect to the results from the Working Group sessions, as well as suggestions for how to mitigate these triggers. The survey closed on October 14, and results are currently being compiled. At the next meeting of the Working Group, the survey results will be discussed, common triggers will be prioritized, and work will begin at compiling and recommending mitigation strategies for implementation.

The Commission will continue to be provided with updates on the advancement of this Committee as work progresses.

Recommended by:

Shawn Wilson, Director of Operations

Concurred in by:

Kelly S. Paleczny, General Manager