Staff Report #8 – 2023 Transit Passenger Shelter Program

Staff Report #8

April 13, 2023

To All Commissioners

Re: 2023 Transit Passenger Shelter Program


That the Commission APPROVE the following list of warranted locations for installation of non-advertising shelters in 2023:

  1. Wharncliffe at Oxford northbound
  2. Richmond at Central northbound
  3. Fanshawe at Dalmagarry eastbound
  4. Richmond at Pall Mall northbound
  5. Adelaide at Little Simcoe northbound
  6. Western at Elgin Drive northbound
  7. Dundas at Hewitt eastbound
  8. Oxford at Gammage westbound
  9. Richmond at Jacksway southbound
  10. Richmond at Kent northbound
  11. Adelaide at Oxford southbound
  12. Oxford at Fernley westbound
  13. Richmond at Mill southbound
  14. Hyde Park south of Oxford northbound


With the larger number of construction projects that have occurred over the past few years, there have been a number of existing shelter locations that have been permanently removed due to the impacts of construction projects, i.e. not enough space for the shelter to be reinstalled after the construction work has been completed or the permanent removal of the local stop location. As such, in 2023 there are excess shelters currently in storage at the Wonderland Facility, which need to be relocated to new stop locations.

Additionally, over the period of 2021 to 2022, 60 new non-advertising transit passenger shelters have been added across the London Transit network as part of the Investing in Canada – Public Transit Infrastructure Stream (PTIS), Bus Stop Amenity Upgrades program as submitted by Municipal Council and approved by the Federal government.

With the large number of shelters that have been installed over the past two years, coupled with the previously installed shelter locations needing new stop locations to be installed, it has become increasingly difficult to find appropriate stop locations that met the current shelter warrant system. An assessment of the shelter warrant criteria was undertaken to determine if modifications were warranted to expand the eligibility criteria.

Table I below sets out the existing shelter warrant and the changes that were made to expand the eligibility criteria.

Table I- Shelter Warrant Criteria

Shelter Warrant Category Existing Criteria Updated Criteria
Daily Ridership 1 point for every 7 boardings up to a maximum score of 50. Requires at least 350 average daily boardings for full marks 1 point for every 5 boardings up to a maximum score of 40. Requires at least 200 boardings for full marks
Frequency of Service at the Stop Locations with less frequency and longer wait times score higher No change
Physical Applications Exposure to the elements

Lighting at the stop

Potential sightline concerns

No change
Area Being Serviced Hospital, retail, transfer points, senior complex, special needs facility Added a category for Special Locations (Medical Offices, Medical supply stores, pharmacies) and increased the point value for transfer points from 5 to 10

The updated shelter warrant criteria will give full ridership marks for any location with 200 daily boardings. In addition, under the area being serviced category, a new classification of Special Locations (medical offices, medical supply stores and pharmacies) has been added and the scoring for locations at transfer points has been increased. All other areas of the shelter warrant criteria have ben unchanged. The modifications in these two areas has resulted in additional locations meeting the minimum shelter warrant threshold to be considered for a shelter installation.

Table I below, sets out the warranted shelter priority list for 2023. The priority list contains highly scored stop locations that meet the current shelter warrant criteria.

Table I

2023 Shelter Priority List

Stop ID# Location Ranking
2046 Wharncliffe at Oxford NB 88
* Richmond at Central NB 81
2614 Fanshawe at Dalmagarry EB 80
1496 Richmond at Pall Mall NB 78
53 Adelaide at Little Simcoe NB 72
1988 Western at Elgin Drive NB 71
576 Dundas at Hewitt EB 71
1297 Oxford at Gammage WB 70
1485 Richmond at Jacksway SB 68
1488 Richmond at Kent NB 64
68 Adelaide at Oxford SB 62
1290 Oxford at Fernley WB 62
1493 Richmond at Mill SB 62
1029 Hyde Park south of Oxford 60

*Stop doesn’t have a stop ID as it is being relocated after the Central Cycle Lane


All of the above locations will have 4×8 non advertising shelters installed with shelters that are currently in storage at London Transit. In addition, due to structural damage to three canopy shelter locations, there is a need to purchase three new canopy shelters in 2023 to replace the shelters at existing locations listed below

  1. Brydges at Highbury Westbound
  2. Fanshawe at Phillbrook Westbound
  3. Dundas at Egerton Eastbound

On an annual basis, London Transit is also able to increase the existing shelter inventory by three additional shelters as per the provisions set out in our current maintenance contract with Outfront media. Given the large number of shelters to be relocated in 2023, as well as the need to purchase three new canopy shelters, no additional shelter locations are being proposed as part of the 2023 shelter program.

It is estimated that the cost of the purchasing the three new canopy shelters will be approximately $32,000 which has been accounted for in the 2023 capital budget.

Next Steps

Each shelter location will also require the installation of a concrete pad. Subject to Commission approval of the report recommendation, a Request for Quotation will be issued for the installation of concrete pads at all identified locations. A recommendation for award of the contract relating to the request for quotation will be presented at the Commission’s May 31, 2023 meeting.

Recommended by:

Katie Burns, Director of Planning

Concurred in by:

Kelly S. Paleczny, General Manager