Staff Report #8 – Re: Draft 2019 – 2022 Business Plan

Staff Report #8

March 27, 2019

To All Commissioners

Re: Draft 2019 – 2022 Business Plan


That the Commission APPROVE the draft 2019-2022 Business Plan as set out in Enclosure I.


The Commission, at its February 27, 2019 meeting, approved in principle the draft vision and mission statements, related principles and strategic outcomes for the 2019-2022 Business Plan. The approval was directional in nature recognizing there were a number of next steps to be completed before presenting the final Business Plan (Plan) for approval. The next steps in the Plan development included:

  • further assessment of the survey input
  • developing the key elements associated with each strategic outcome
  • establishing key measures for determining progress and/or assessing performance for each strategic outcome, noting such measures would be at a high level (e.g. ridership increase) which in-turn would be supported by more detailed technical measures (e.g. rides per capita)
  • developing at a high level, work plan initiatives to be undertaken over the period of the Plan supporting progress toward attainment of the strategic outcomes. The initiatives include updating a number of key supporting plans e.g. Financial Plan and Asset Management Plan. The updating of such plans is critical to ensuring related initiatives are congruent with the direction of the Business Plan.

Since first developed in the mid-1990’s, the Plan and related planning process have provided the crucial direction in the rebuilding of London Transit as an organization and a transportation service. The Plan, which is updated every four years consistent with the term of the Commission, serves:

  • as a reflection of today, and as a starting point for the future
  • to focus resources on prioritized challenges and expectations
  • as a communication tool, supporting the development of informed relationships
  • to promote accountability, transparency and continuous improvement

The Plan development process supports continuity with previous plans and defines support and understanding of the new Plan. The development process included:

  • an assessment of the direction and results of the expiring Business Plan which ensures continuity of successive plans and builds on the successes of the previous Business Plans
  • a series of senior management workshops dealing specifically with the construction of the Business Plan
  • employee input, Commission input, and input from an identified group of external stakeholders

The Performance Targets and Expectations portion of the Business Plan is only partially completed given the multi-year budget which will cover the last three years of the Business Plan has not been drafted. Targets that are not related to financial measures have been included in the Plan document.

Subsequent to Commission approval, the Plan will be made public in its current format, noting it won’t be formally published and communicated until such time as the multi-year budget has been approved by the Commission and the related performance measures have been updated in the Business Plan.


I – Draft 2019-2022 Business Plan

Recommended by:

Kelly S. Paleczny, General Manager