Staff Report #9 Re: 2019 Work Program – Planning – First Quarter Update

Staff Report #9

April 24, 2019

To All Commissioners

Re: 2019 Work Program – Planning – First Quarter Update


The report be NOTED and FILED.


The following report is provided as an update on major Planning projects as set out in the 2019 Work Program that are ongoing in nature and/or were scheduled to commence and/or be completed over the first three months of 2019, with the lead on same being the primary responsibility of the Planning Department.

2019 Conventional Service Plan

The 2019 Conventional Service Plan was largely approved by the Commission at the January 30, 2019 meeting. With decisions on routing modifications for seven routes deferred for additional public consultation and approved at the March 27, 209 meeting. There are a number of detailed and technical tasks that must be completed prior to implementing the scheduled changes which take effect on April 28, 2019 and September 1, 2019 as approved. It is anticipated that all tasks will be completed in time for the scheduled changes to take effect as planned.

Five Year Ridership Growth Strategy

At the February 27, 2019 meeting, the Commission approved in principle the Five Year Ridership Growth Strategy. As part of the preparation for the next multi-year budget, the strategy will be reviewed in early 2019 to determine both priority and timing for the various initiatives, all of which will be incorporated into the multi-year budget as required as well as the respective annual work programs.

Five Year Conventional Service Plan

The Five Year Conventional Service Plan (2020-2024) was approved in principle at the February 27, 2019 Commission meeting. This document will be used as a framework, in conjunction with feedback from passengers and Operators as well as impacts from the implementation of previous service changes for future service plans over the next five years. In addition, the document will be utilized as input in preparation of the multi-year operating and capital budgets which are scheduled to be approved by the Commission in mid-2019.

London’s Rapid Transit Initiative

London Transit administration continues to work with civic administration on London’s Rapid Transit Initiative, including participation on the working group. On March 28, 2019 the City of London issued a Notice of Completion for the Environmental Assessment (EA) Project Report which is available for public comment until April 27, 2019 for matters of Provincial significance. Following the 30 day public consultation period the Minister of Environment, Conservation and Parks will have 35 days to make a decision, with the EA scheduled for completion in June.

At its March 26, 2019 meeting, Council approved the submission of business cases for the Wellington Road Gateway (south leg of BRT) and the East London Link (east leg of the BRT) and the Downtown Loop to the Province for funding consideration. At this time, decisions with respect to potential timing of these projects have not been made, nor is it anticipated that any will impact current routes nor will the Rapid Transit routes be fully operational during the period of the next five year service plan. Progress on these initiatives will continue to be monitored going forward, and should projects be fast-tracked such that modifications are required to the 5 Year Plan in order to coincide with the launch of a rapid transit corridor, a detailed report will be presented to the Commission.

Recommended by:

Katie Burns, Director of Planning

Concurred in by:

Kelly S. Paleczny, General Manager