Specialized Transit Information – Self Serve Options

LTC is making your trip information more accessible than ever.

April 2023 – Please note that the Self Service Amble App is currently not operating properly.  We are working with the vendor to correct the issues. In the event you experience trouble with the Amble App and would like to check, change or cancel your booking(s), you are welcome to use our self serve option by calling 226-777-6709 and listen for the prompts. 

How to Review or Cancel your Trip?

Mobile phone in hand.On your Mobile Device

Using the Amble App  you can easily review and/or cancel your scheduled trip.

Download the Amble App from Apple’s App Store or Google Play on your phone or by clicking the buttons below. Once downloaded follow the instructions to complete the login process.

Get Amble for your Android Device

Get Amble for your Apple Device

In order to register you will need an email address, password and your specialized transit registration number.

Web iconOn your Computer

Using the internet from your computer or mobile device use the button below to be taken to the login page where you can review and/or cancel your scheduled trip.

In order to register you will need an email address, password and your specialized transit registration number.

Cancel/Review Trips Online

Phone calling iconOn the Phone

On the Automated Phone System you can easily call in and review and/or cancel your scheduled trip. The automated phone line can be reached by calling


Have your specialized transit registration number ready.

General Trip Information

Travel Day

After a trip is booked the pick-up time may be adjusted many times as shared rides are found for as many passengers as possible. The system will adjust trip times until the day of your trip. Please be sure to verify the pick-up time on the same day as your trip for accurate information.

Note: Please know that passengers are expected to be ready for pick-up at the time given at booking or the rider may face a “no-show”.

Trip Notifications

You can receive an automatic trip reminder 45 minutes before all outgoing trips right to your phone number on file.

Sign up for trip notifications by contacting a booking agent at 519-453-3444.

Booking Agent

Contact a London Transit Booking Agent to schedule, change or cancel your trip on Specialized Transit.

Please call: 519-453-3444

Frequently Asked Questions

This list of questions will be added to as customers call us for more information:

Q: Do I need to know how to use these tools to use Specialized Transit?

A: No. These features are offered as ways to make your trip information more accessible if you use a mobile phone, computer, or you like automated phone systems. If you would rather speak to a booking agent at  519-453-3444 to review or cancel your trips, that is perfectly fine.

Q: Can I use the same email address and password for both the Amble App and the Web Pages?

A: Yes, in fact you are encouraged to do so to keep things as simple as possible. If you would rather use different email addresses and passwords for some reason, that should work too.