Commission Information

London Transit is defined by its vision and mission, which are:

The valued and trusted mobility choice for Londoners

Moving Londoners – progressively, reliably, and affordably

The vision and five linked strategic priorities are designed to transcend time, linking successive Business Plans. The five strategic priorities are:

  • An integrated, affordable and valued mobility choice
  • An engaged, diverse and respectful workplace
  • Demonstrated fiscal accountability
  • Being open, transparent and understood
  • Effective utilization of infrastructure

Meeting Dates

The Commission will meet on the following dates in 2020.

Meetings are held in the Main Boardroom at the London Transit Commission Office located at 450 Highbury Avenue North at 5:00 p.m.

  • January 29, 2020
  • February 26, 2020
  • March 19, 2020 – Added
  • March 25, 2020 – Cancelled
  • April 2, 2020 at 3:30pm – Added
  • April 29, 2020
  • May 27, 2020
  • June 24, 2020
  • July 29, 2020
  • August 26, 2020
  • September 30, 2020
  • October 28, 2020
  • November 25, 2020
  • December 2020   –   Meeting at the call of the Chair

Meeting dates are subject to change without notice. This page will be updated accordingly.

Contact for Further Information and/or for Consideration of Delegation Status:
Caroline Roy
Commission Secretary
450 Highbury Avenue North
519-451-1340 ext. 335

Current Commissioners

Name Position
Councillor Phil Squire Chair
Tariq Khan Vice-Chair
Councillor Jesse Helmer Commissioner
Tanya Park Commissioner
Sheryl Rooth Commissioner

Authority To Operate


The London Transit Commission is a corporate body with the powers, rights and privileges vested in it by the City of London Act (Bylaw A-6377-206).

The Commission consists of five members appointed by the Municipal Council of the Corporation of the City of London.

Two or three members of the Commission, as determined by the Council, shall be members of the Council and shall hold office during their term of office on the Council.

Agent of the Corporation

The Commission is the agent of the City of London responsible for the operation, repair, control and management of the local transportation system of the municipality on behalf of the City of London. This includes conventional transit and transportation for the physically disabled.


The Commission and the Council shall consult regularly on local transportation system policy and on the general administration and affairs of the Commission in relation to general municipal policy and the administration and affairs of the City of London.

If, despite the consultation, there emerges a difference of opinion between the Commission and the Council concerning the course of policy to be followed, the Council may by resolution give to the Commission a directive concerning the local transportation system policy of the Commission in specific terms and applicable for a specified period, and the Commission shall comply with the directive.